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Class Choosing Guide

lamesquirellamesquirel Posts: 284 Arc User
edited September 2012 in Class Discussion
So, I don't play every class in FW.

I was wondering if you folks would like to double check my Do you need help choosing a class guide and telling me what should be added or changed. Figured I should probably update it since I know alot of nerfs and such has happened since then... especially on MMs last i checked.
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  • asd29asd29 Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    This is what should be added for MM

    Don't roll a MM for anything, they are AWFUL for PVP and mediocre for PvE because of horrendous cast times, lack of reliable CC, requiring 2 skills for a chance to cc and relatively low base stats. In terms of PvE AOE damage Fire mage >>>Lightning Mage>>>> Burst MM >>>Ice mage. With utmost sincerity the MM class should be killed off. Mages have higher mastery and better dmg modifiers with quicker cast times and reliable CC. We have slightly better base stats than mages when I mean slightly <100hp or atk base on gear, but it's insignificant. Don't be a sucker like us Closed Beta MM who have suffered by persevering to current end game content hoping for improvement and always being disappointed.
    As a level 80MM my advice for anyone wanting to be a MM - fun class to play. But it's not a button mash class. Be prepared for some frustration
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