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List of Buffs from all classes (please help form this)

starrrrr4starrrrr4 Posts: 3 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Class Discussion
hi guys,

im new and still getting use to all this

one thing i love in the game is Buffs
for me to get a better understanding of each class and what buffs they have please post the characters classes and the buffs they have and the effects these buffs can have
also if its a buff from a talent tree please add that

would love to hear fom all classes

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  • Falchoir - LionheartFalchoir - Lionheart Posts: 303 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    For bards in general:
    Aria: Surge- Increases the bard's attack.
    Aria: Ice Wind- Adds a freeze/slow effect to certain skills.
    Movement: Courage- Increases the attack of all party members.
    Movement: Fantasy- Increases the evasion of all party members.
    Hymn: Majesty- Increases the defense of all party members.
    Hymn: Baptism- Heals all party members over a period of time and increases the effectiveness of healing spells cast on them.
    Chorus of Wind: Increases the speed of all party members for 11 seconds.
    Note of Rest: Disables chord generation, but reduces the cooldowns of all elemental attacks and increases masteries.
    Undine's Elegy: Creates a shield that puts enemies to sleep (?) when attacked.

    Tree-specific (assuming fully talented):
    Water bards:
    Sonata of Water- Conjures a shield for the bard that reduces incoming damage drastically, restores a percentage of mana and HP when struck, and slows/ensnares enemies.
    Triple Partita- Reduces the cooldown of water skills and increases the cooldown of wind/light skills. Increases the crit chance and range of water skills.
    Aria: Song of Water- Increases base attack for every D chord generated, up to 5 times.

    Wind bards:
    Solo of Wind- Generates 2 C chords and reduces incoming damage.
    Movement: Song of Wind- Sharply increases movement speed for all party members.

    Light bards:
    Hymn: Song of Life- Dispels all negative effects from party members, heals a large amount of HP, and increases their max health, effectiveness of healing spells, evasion, and movement speed.

    For further info on bards:
    Basic Bard Guide
    All Things Bard
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  • starrrrr4starrrrr4 Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    perfect, thankyou, just what i was looking for, now need one for the other chars haha
  • lamesquirellamesquirel Posts: 284 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Bards are the best and most well known buffers.

    I think there is also a protector tree called Granite... I don't know much about the tree since its not well known + I don't play protectors.
  • SinSkinner - IllyfueSinSkinner - Illyfue Posts: 155 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    ^ressistance auras. And if u specc right, +22 accuracy party buff. Nothing special
  • noxshadow1noxshadow1 Posts: 184 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Forgot Wind Bards Voice of Freedom...it's really more of a cancelling spell than a buff...but it IS a positive effect on the party.

    Voice of Freedom - Removes Sleep, Stun, Ensnare and Slow effects from all party members within 16 meters.
  • asd29asd29 Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2012

    Accracy guidance - increases acc

    tree specific/require runes

    Contact- increase crit chance
    Motivate-Increase crit damage
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  • Yarilo - EyrdaYarilo - Eyrda Posts: 244 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Don't forget that bards can buff party accuracy with Movements by up to 35, and crit chance and dodge by 1 and 2 respectively with talents/runes.
  • Unbrokenable - LionheartUnbrokenable - Lionheart Posts: 313 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Pretty much every class has some sort of party buff except sin/vampire, general idea of each class:

    Marksman: Crit chance/damage/accuracy (not sure about which trees for MM)
    Protector: Defense, auras (can only use one: + heal effect, damage reflect, + resistance (granite only for resistance))
    Bards: Songs (can use many, hard to keep up more than 2-3: attack, movespeed, dodge, healing, defense)
    Priests: Accuracy, crit defense, defense, health, masteries, resistances
    Warrior: Attack damage, masteries, health (aegis only)
    Mage: mana

    Note that blood vampire can still buff a little, but all temporary and single targeted.
  • Nairas - Storm LegionNairas - Storm Legion Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    asd29 wrote: »

    Accracy guidance - increases acc <- think base is 22

    tree specific/require runes

    Contact- increase crit chance
    Motivate-Increase crit damage

    Contact- increase crit chance (2% full prec tree) (2.5 with runes)
    Motivate-Increase crit damage(6% full burst tree) (8% with runes)

    im full burst but got 4 contact runes to fully maximize my buff potential
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