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Blood Vamp vs Priest

hexydhexyd Posts: 2 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Class Discussion
Trying to decide on a final class to pursue, I've played both up to lv ~20 and enjoy the playstyle of both. I like that both can do healing, but some damage as well.

My question is which is overall more viable for solo/group play?
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  • jhereg4250jhereg4250 Posts: 485 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Both are pretty good end game for solo play. I know a lot of blood vamps and Glacial priests that solo World bosses in SJ in reasonable time.

    Glacials sometimes have a problem finding groups because people have a certain notion of how a priest should work and have trouble with a priest that is effectively an off healer with good AoE, but with a group that knows what it is doing you'll do fine.
  • Varimyth - EyrdaVarimyth - Eyrda Posts: 93 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    vamps have no group heals that i know of...so they cant solo heal any late game dungeons at all (less ur group is like 10+ levels then the dungeon ur running) even priests without angelic harmony at 70+ are pretty much useless...

    blood vamps are fine off heals for tank heals but as a pure healing class for group play goes id say priest

    if u want a class that has high pve dmg but can still heal himself id just go inferno vamp
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