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Need a little guidance

XSpringWaterx - EyrdaXSpringWaterx - Eyrda Posts: 1 Arc User
edited May 2012 in Class Discussion
So bhii there ^^ i'm a long time game player migrating from PWI where i used to play a veno and cleric.
This game in terms of a classes is a little confusing can anyone point to classes that are simmilar to a veno or cleric?


  • Magicka - Storm LegionMagicka - Storm Legion Posts: 2,061 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    Everyone's a Veno really - they all get pets!

    And Cleric =/= Priest here

    I used to play a Demon Veno (105, 105 Herc) and found I like playing my Fire Mage the best.

    Try them all though, it's fairly easy to level a character and start to get a feel for it.

    When you find one you like, you can then proceed and develop further, a friend of mine from PWI did just this these past few days.
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