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End-game class choice.

StrykerJ - LionheartStrykerJ - Lionheart Posts: 44 Arc User
edited March 2012 in Class Discussion
So i've leveled quite a few chars up to a high level, and i've come to a choice. I'm going to be either a vampire or a mage. But here's the thing, i have EQUAL fun with them both. But now, since i'm working a full time job, i only have time for one character, and i need to settle down with one char and stop jumping around, properly gear up one char.

I love the mass AoE damage from mages, but don't generally like the one-two-dead squishy thing...
I love the Massive heals and painful single hit damage of my vampire, but generally miss having AoE's.

Now here's my quandary, I don't know what goes on end game... I've been told the large mobs from lower instances dissapear and get replaced by stronger, smaller mobs, which makes sense. But again, I don't know this.

So from the EXPERIENCE of the veteran players that aren't just well geared and high level, but also ENJOY logging onto that specific character, what should i do? After weeks of experiementation...i'm seriously at a loss, and can't choose anymore.
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  • Axym - LionheartAxym - Lionheart Posts: 1,484 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    JW how high is high to you? 50? 60? jw, nothing against, you or anything.

    Haven't been to GoS yet.
    AS is basically boss fight after boss fight. You only need 1 aoe for adds/vines boss.
    FP you still need your aoe's because there are several rooms full of them.
    AC you still need aoe's
    OAC..... only once or twice are they really all that useful.

    I dunno, it really depends on what you wanna play, which is, I guess, your problem, but no one can tell you "at 75 mage becomes EXTREMELY boring. Stop playing now" because while I thought mages were boring before 50, apparently they get much better afterwards...

    IMHO mage is cheaper than vamp to gear up. Since you have a full time job and probably a rl, if you want to gear up your vamp it will probably cost you much more (rl or time). This is ofc completely dependent on what server you play, but *checks* oh wait! you're on mine! lmao.

    Just another thing to consider when making your choice.

    *Axy not helping again d'oh!*
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  • StrykerJ - LionheartStrykerJ - Lionheart Posts: 44 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    I've gotten up into the 60's on a few of my chars. But im also slightly becoming turned off to my mages damage, it seems to NOT get any higher the more i level up...
  • Borsook - EyrdaBorsook - Eyrda Posts: 2,951 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    I've gotten up into the 60's on a few of my chars. But im also slightly becoming turned off to my mages damage, it seems to NOT get any higher the more i level up...
    This is probably the most false experience you can get. Mages are one of the best scaling classes, provided you scale up your gear. You don't get damage just from attack on gear, you also get from mana, so a well refined helmet will add a great boost. A fire mage probably scales the most if you ignore burns.
  • paskallpaskall Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    I've the same problem betwen choosing class but I don't have much experience in this game
    I really like mages in other MMORPG I normally like the mage/magician/elementalist class but Idk why I always do warrior and then reset game because warrior it's not what I want and I usualy quit the game before try it for real

    So my preferences are for magic classes and I read the topic about pick a class and Vamp and Mage have booth magic attack and vamp can heal but my experience oh healing sin't much as for mage

    So mage is better for me no?
  • Faust - EyrdaFaust - Eyrda Posts: 922 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    there's an end game already? come now guys, compare FW to PWE's other titles. when is end game in those games? PWI is like 100+, JD has a rebirth system, FW is getting a deity choice, similar to PWI's demon/sage, HOTK; basic leveling stopped at 80 and you became an 'hero'(lulz) to keep leveling your character.
    to summarize, dont' call it endgame until you are sure there's not much more you can do.
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  • jsimmons1986jsimmons1986 Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    If you miss the Aoes why don't you just switch to an Inferno or Dark vamp. Granted they aren't has high dmg dealers as mages but my inferno vamp can and does **** mobs.
  • Seremela - Storm LegionSeremela - Storm Legion Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    Speaking from my husband's perspective, he enjoys Vamps over Mages. It was odd because--just like you--he enjoys the AoEs that mages on just about every other game dish out. In the end, he chose to stick with his Vampire.

    His Vamp was originally Dark, but then he switched to Inferno sometime around level 65-70. He thoroughly enjoys it, which was a surprise. c:

    I think you'd might enjoy Vampire more in the long run. They don't have as many AoEs (depending on which tree you go with), but if you gear yourself decently, you'll have a much higher survival rate! I think Inferno Vamps only get 1 AoE while Darks get 2... You might want to get another Vamp to confirm this! Either way, its not nearly as many AoEs that Mages get--which is what you love most about Mages! Unfortunately, that's the sacrifice you'll have to make by switching to Vamp [if you choose to!].

    Overall, if it were my honest opinion, I'd just stick with Vampire. Not because "I think they're better" or "Mages suck" when in fact I like both classes equally! I've played both classes and they both have their weaknesses and strengths just like any other class. c: I'm only picking Vampire because from my experience--by playing my own Vamp as well as playing with my husband since level 1--Vamps are the most versatile class. They can heal, they can dish out extreme amounts of damage, as well as survive the most rugged instances with some skill and decent gear! While I'm NOT saying Mages are ALWAYS squishy, I'm just saying that it just takes a bit more effort to make a Mage stronger defenses wise than it is for a Vampire.

    Anywho! Whatever you choose to do, just have fun with it. c:

    Signature by me. c: PM if you want one.
  • kye8kye8 Posts: 57 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    I have three (yes, THREE) level 80 characters, all different classes. One of which is a Vamp. I, too, have a full-time job so I understand completely about having to prioritize one over the other.

    If you really, really like AoE and Healing, I would suggest you stay with a Vamp. In particular, a Dark Vamp. Dark Vamps have more AoE attacks than any other Vamp Tree and the ability to basically tag-team spam them.

    But a Mage is a serious AoE DPS powerhouse. They are built for one thing and one thing only: bringing the AoE pain! And they do it incredibly well but with little survivability.

    To sum it up: Mages are basically "Glass Cannons": Dealing heavy AoE damage but can't take a hit without quickly falling to pieces while Vamps are "Jack-of-All-Trades" with very respectable DPS and AoE output, solid survivability and the ability to heal.

    Near and at level cap, both Vamps and Mages are welcome in parties. But Mages can be easily swapped out for a Marksman (they are often interchangeable). Vamps... Not so much. There's normally a Vamp in every party (one reason: because there are so many on my server lol).

    Anyway, it all comes down to which you have the most FUN on! Both are great at level cap! Both get invited to parties equally! Both have AoE. But only one can heal. So if you like healing AND doing AoE then stick with a Vamp. Level it up and gear it out. Once that's done you can turn your attention to your Mage and level it up too and gear it out. You don't have to ALWAYS be on your Vamp. Once you hit lv 80 you'll have a LOT of free time to farm for and work on your other toon(s). That's what I did. :D

    Good luck! :)

    Note: Check your server. Vamps are normally a little more expensive to gear up and get Skill Scrolls for but that's not an issue if you plan on farming for your gear/scrolls or have RL cash to throw at it. But prices differ from server to server so check the Auction House and compare if cost of gear and/or skills is a deciding factor in which toon to level up and play.
  • Eklipze - IllyfueEklipze - Illyfue Posts: 134 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    kye8 wrote: »
    Dark Vamps have more AoE attacks than any other Vamp Tree and the ability to basically tag-team spam them..
    Are you serious? o__O
  • kye8kye8 Posts: 57 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    Are you serious? o__O


    Dark Vamp AoE Attacks: 3 = Mana Explosion, Hellfire Death, Feast.

    Inferno Vamp AoE Attacks: 2 = Hellfire Death, Feast.

    I'm not talking any debuff skills like, say, Dark Curse. I'm talking AoE ATTACKS.

    It's been a while since I was an Inferno Vamp but I remember Hellfire Death and Feast as ATTACK AOEs. Something change since I was level 72 Inferno? :eek:
  • powergalepowergale Posts: 74 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    Lol mages will rock your world once they pass 70 wither you wont last long vs fire and lightning mages or you remain frozen 24/7 against ice mages..
    Vamps can heal themselves,good damage and all..
    If your going pvp and pvp only then assassin would be your best choise but since you dont like them meh..
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