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To all you lionheart folks.

StrykerJ - LionheartStrykerJ - Lionheart Posts: 44 Arc User
edited March 2012 in Class Discussion
Of all the mages trees used in lionheart, which seems to be the least used? Or most popular? For myself right now, i love the damage and survivability of my wind mage. I wouldn't mind fire if spark bursts damage wasn't a LIE! >:O. But i tend to see a very equal amount of everything when roaming around, except fire mages usually being popular only with people who can afford to gem the **** out of the gear lol.
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  • Unbrokenable - LionheartUnbrokenable - Lionheart Posts: 313 Arc User
    edited March 2012
    Ice mages are rising in popularity due to their dominance in late-game PvP.

    Probably the one I see the least is wind now, the only notable one I can think of is ChozinOne.
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