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Elf Vs Human - Better with level?

Legion - Storm LegionLegion - Storm Legion Posts: 20 Arc User
edited May 2011 in Priest Discussion
Ok so im seeing everywhere that the Divine part.. Humans are better.

I already have a EP, going divine, and i dont plan on changing (too much work, and im enjoying the priest, so starting over would make me give up)....

So my question to the pros.....

So heal is the starter and it sucks cuz it like NEVER COOLS DOWN, and the LoH (the one that DOES cool down) i got at 35 is finally here for my EP...

Does this mean that Divine EP get better with lvl?

Now im not counting that annoying 4 second heal, if from now on i get to spam my LoH since its faster, does my EP still suck?

Should I go glacial? Are Glacials even liked/ useful as support? Or are they the kind that ALWAYS needs another priest or a bard for a tough squad?

Ugh i wish i had read up all this stuff on EP.. i would have gone human, but i was just messing around with a name then suddenly, i fell in love with healing -.-

Anyway opinions please? Point out some past posts if you must. i obviously cant find all of them.
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  • FreakyPriest - NyosFreakyPriest - Nyos Posts: 487 Arc User
    edited May 2011
    Well in the elf priest thread just below this one you can find a debate of Human VS Elf.

    About glacial priests, they can't solo heal because you can't spam skills. If you don't have a second healer around then AoEs will really tear your group apart. They still got the priest buffs though, so if you can find a bard you should have no problems running instances.
  • Wish - Storm LegionWish - Storm Legion Posts: 15 Arc User
    edited May 2011
    a pro light bard

    Glacial has a hard time healing.. And most people won't take you. Though i did do dual priest runs with guildies

    I even did a dual glacier priest welkin before. That was fun.
  • Legion - Storm LegionLegion - Storm Legion Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited May 2011
    ahh i see. T_T poo....sux for me. should have taken human
  • araniumaranium Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited May 2011
    Ill clear everything up right now ;)

    The difference between elf priest and human are based on two things: their cooldowns on either LoH or Heal and their different racial abilities.

    Ok if you look at each skill's attributes, Heal is more practical in situations like in PvP where someone is taking a quick amount of hard damage and needs to be brought up to full. However, it heals less than LoH. This is due to the fact that heal is increased by 6% of your maximum mana if u maxed your first talent (which I hope you did). LoH however has every single one of it's ticks increased by 1.5% mana. If you make some quick math or just look at your screen and add up all the heals from LoH you will see that it heals most of the time for double the amount of a single heal spell.

    This is a basic rule between HoTs, Dots and instant damage/healing skills. Hots and Dots will have greater effect over time but you must be patient. Instant damage/heal satisfies what you need right away but you won't get as much out of it overall.

    In PvE, you don't have any trouble with one class or the other since the damage pressure will most likely never reach a far right or left side of what type of healing skills are required.

    In PVP, LoH is better if you have more ppl taking small amounts of damage while Heal is for a single person getting all damage on him.(take note that this is probably gonna be you as a healer anyways...but since ur divine and you will get the shield at lvl 55 you don't have to worry about that ;) ).

    Now lets attack the racial. I play as an Elf too and I can garantee that our racial in Pvp is way better! Im almost 56 now and have 15k mana. Our racial drains and restores 30% of our total mana from our target. If your facing a warrior, prot or a mm in an arena, you cast that racial on them and they are sucked dry for the rest of the round since basic pots can't be used and also pratically no-one I seen so far uses pots from the pvp shop.

    The Human racial is practical to defend against stun true... but those who stun the most are warriors and prots from what i see so if u drain them you wont get stunned anyways XD (watch out for sins however)

    I hope this helps out :)

    56 elf priest
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