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can you fix ff its been down since last maint ty

can you please fix the 12v12 on cross us east sever cant get in ty


  • bloodreaperfwbloodreaperfw Posts: 68 Arc User
    Been on que for hours on a typical busy FF time and never popped for 2 days now, the latest maintenance broke it.

    Haven't tried Heart of Ice and Fire so no idea if it's broken too.
    Level 100 BloodWind
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  • majkel33majkel33 Posts: 88 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    Its working.. they fixed it with this week maint. EU side
  • did you guys fix ff yet. us on storm cant get in. Anyone know any other way to get reforge items. ty
  • i tried forum talked to a dev in game or adm but now asking will you fix ff. us ppl of storm cant get in and without ff i can reforge new gear. i like to stay current and compete and you pls give me update on the pvp ff issue ty
  • bloodreaperfwbloodreaperfw Posts: 68 Arc User
    It's still broken for eyrda, lionheart and storm. pls fix
    Level 100 BloodWind
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  • perseus#4589 perseus Posts: 17 Arc User
    2 weeks without ff in NA servers :c
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  • vala11vala11 Posts: 46 Arc User
    Some of us have to get our points :( Pls fix FF
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  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 704 Perfect World Employee
    We've pinged the team on this again, they fixed EU but I don't think they realized it also happened to EN.
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