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Trade Runs Reset

lindy#9151 lindy Posts: 28 Arc User
Just wondering when the Trade Runs reset. I had done 10 between the drop of the new patch until the first reset. Since then, The quest giver does not have a quest to do anymore. It is several days after reset, and still no quests.
The last run I did, I had a Max payout. It was for forbidden Island.


  • majkel2majkel2 Posts: 4 Arc User
    7 trade runs thats all u can do weekly not 10
  • lindy#9151 lindy Posts: 28 Arc User
    Do not know what to tell you. I started the trade runs day after the patch (thurs) last day i was able to run them was on tuesday. At that time i had completed 10. Since then I have not been offered any more. Wensday I was not able to play do to a family emergency. On Thursday, I went to the quest giver but they did not a quest. This has not been the first glitch my character has had.
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