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Gods Puzzle Quiz

demonias1234demonias1234 Posts: 59 Arc User
having trouble haven't done them since I finished all rep ranks on my main was working on a alt character and the sequence isn't the same as it use to for this exact quest is there a new way of doing it or new sequence number?
Storm Server Nemesis Guild
Class: Divine Priest


  • have your sound turned on. When you hit the correct statues it gives off a sound,also keep a track of which statue has made the sound.
  • demonias1234demonias1234 Posts: 59 Arc User
    ill try that but ive been using the right sequence just doesnt seem to work its the same one ive used when this first came out
    Storm Server Nemesis Guild
    Class: Divine Priest
  • iscerioiscerio Posts: 11 Arc User
    This should be the right sequence for this particular quest version. But please note there are also other versions of this quest with different sequences. Then it is not about the streets, but a different kind of riddle.
  • fonsevfonsev Posts: 19 Arc User
    The solution of this puzzle can be done in three ways all working till now :smile:
    1. solve the puzzle through the web and find the correct sequence. ( similar types of items but same logic exist)
    2. use the sound signals of the game to confirm your progress.
    3. click every statue in a row multiple times !!!

    Is easier than you think trust me.
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