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I have something to talk to you about and 2 ScreenShots to go with it. Where are my SS please?

Attention Rythum Game Master
I have talked with you before, Rythum. HI! This is Ann Mackinaly, Storm East Server, email address: [email protected] I have a problm that occurred last Saturday night Ssept 8, 2018. Bit I can't find the SS to go with it. Can you help me find them please? It involves players MuleMonkey and LycanToKill. Gear and weapons are bound are they not? I hasd a prob with MuleMonkey, he got angry, I logged and when I came back 2 hours later. he had taken all of my gear off and my weapon. How is this possible? I logged again and about 3 hours later all my missing gear, weapon and other things had ben replaced. Mule laughed at me of course when I could not get them back. There were 4 players including him and they were using very terrible ****. Really disgusting. Can nothing be done about this? The SS I trook, had what Parents will not want their children reading that very descriptive words.


  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 402 Arc User
    The screenshots made in-game are saved authomaticaly in a folder. Where you have "Forsaken World" general folder...you just need to go there, double click, and look for "screenshots" sub-folder. There, there are all screenshots made in-game. The first one is the oldest one. You just have to scroll to the last one. Hope this helps you.

  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 402 Arc User
    My Pc>Program Files>Forsaken World>screenshots
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