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Gear Shops Needed

rayman745rayman745 Posts: 2 Arc User
There is a grate need for gear shop within this Forsaken World! if you are unable to make a group and the the gear quest you will eventually be high level with low level gear. I there is gear shops it will help each character have a very unique look and make the world feel more real. Than just running through quest robot, Forsaken World is a WORLD and without shops for the most important thing (Gear) make the world unrealistic.


  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 693 Arc User
    From Dar Guigo next to Henry, can spend 888 Tokens of Faith for a full set of 88 champ (Hero 4) gear

    Players can craft up to level 100 (Hero 6) gear to wear by themselves
  • rayman745rayman745 Posts: 2 Arc User
    yes but the world still need shops dude! If a player don't want to be a gear craftman! you are saying i player have to become a gear craftman to get good gear. What if a player wants to be a cook and do jods that helps him, (Botanist and Fisgerman) I don't why have other jobs if all you need to be is a weaponsnith and armorsmith. Tokens of Faith! It bring be me back to the point that we will look the same! To me looking unique is a big thing and being able to mix and match armor, is something small just character unique....... (Shops are needed for mix and match armor for your Character to look Unique)
  • ataraxia#2202 ataraxia Posts: 22 Arc User
    As far as I know, there is 5 different sets of all the gears. So there is options. Also there is fashion, which you can get skills and dye. A cool mount to fight people on, and a pet to buff you and things. It all adds to your persona. Wings. Titles, guild. etc etc.

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