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Hudson Tree Unlocked - Video of all the star chart points and what they provide

My strongest possible advice. Save up every single Astroplane Spar that you can. If you have an option to obtain either Spars or Dusts via some in game trading thing, get Spars.



  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 561 Arc User
    Given that 17 points may be turned on at once, can plot a path around the masteries, crit-chance, and crit-damage loops with 17 points.

    That would give up to all the following potentially enabled full time

    +96% crit-damage
    +16% crit-chance
    +168 Mastery
    +180 Attack
    +20 Accuracy
    +600 Elemental Attack
    +6400 Mana
  • novokom#6334 novokom Posts: 8 Arc User
    Hudson unlocked at 30 lvl of Neirvina?
    Novokom, Illyfue.
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 561 Arc User

    Hudson unlocked at 30 lvl of Neirvina?

    Level 30 of Astroplane, yes

    Neirvana is the name of the first tree
    Hudson is 2nd tree

    Max Astroplane level for our current patch is level 40. Yiratis can only be opened at Level 70 of Astroplane. The Astroplane level cap is being raised to 70 with the next major patch. China already has the level 70 cap. Shield Diest can only be opened at level 90 of Astroplane. China does not have the ability to open that yet.

  • novokom#6334 novokom Posts: 8 Arc User
    Thank you very much for complete and sensible answer.
    Novokom, Illyfue.
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 2,927 Arc User
    edited January 14
    +10000 to save what spars you can. relying on the 25 tof daily king order and dedication tab reward at 185(?) dedi for spars is painfully slow. especially since theres a big hurdle early on in the tree at 10 spar per level with starting success rate of 55% only going down. pwe needs to bring back that frost guardian orb :'(

    that said, heres my tree so far. theres alot more stars that can have runes embedded into them, and it seems as if you dont need max energy runes as much here to get the bonuses you want vs in neirvina you needed like all 7pt lv4 runes. the bundle on the left side is a combination of lv4 regular rune slots, lv3 regular rune slots, and a lv1 regular rune slot. the bundle on the right so far is a combination of lv4 regular rune slots and one advanced lv4 rune slot.

    just an fyi, the stealth on this skill does work as a combat stealth, which is pretty fun (as if people didnt qq enough about wars, give them a combat stealth! :# ), but its a very cheap one in that if you are in the middle of getting hit or someone is casting on you while you cast it, it breaks very easily. still pretty fun to spook people with or if you are running up into a battle you can start off with a bit of confusion :p
  • ragn0r0kragn0r0k Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited January 15
    Won't be able to get both 6% cc and 36% cc from the rune slots. Since they're connected by 1 star point they both rely on energy. For the 3% extra cc you need 31 red and yellow and for 18% extra cdmg you need 34 red and blue energy. You can embed lv 5 adv rune in one slot towards the right.

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