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i cant find a username thats available for forsaken world

trickster2099trickster2099 Posts: 2 Arc User
so ive been interested in this game for awhile and i finally downloaded it and i cant seem to find a single username that is usable mind you ive been going at this for a hour and a half now... is there any way i can see any recommended names or just none that arnt taken?


  • sedativexsedativex Posts: 148 Arc User
    U cant use numbers in names here, but can use -, _, o , and other things before and after ur name.
    I think u can get a name for u in-game, like your nickname or your superhero or something like that :dizzy:
    I think Illyfue is the most populated server atm. GL.
    SEDATIVE_Mage | Soul_Savior | Hunicum | Illyfue
  • anasilva991anasilva991 Posts: 782 Arc User
    u cant also make a character name with 3 letters T.T

    xGIOx, Illyfue

    'I had a dream that I was one, that became two, that became one again.
    I looked through my dark half's eyes and knew, the hunt must end.
    Now we shall see...what lies at the dream's end.' UrVa, the Archer

  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    Try oOoLossyTheBossyoOo or xXxDryTheDrierxXx or oXoBlessTheMessoXo, smth with this pattern...

    Few examples of course, your mind your creativity your game! You'll be so satisfied of FW!
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