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So long and thanks for all the fish!

misshimisshi Posts: 84 Arc User
Never thought i would ever make this kind of thread, neither did i thought i would finally decide to leave this game.
Im a veteran that has been around since closed beta and i have the feeling i should leave a good bye note. no matter if someone cares or not.
I loved this game and still do but 3 weeks ago i realized after missing 1 of the log in days for the mass amount of gold, that i started wondering for what i even need it except spamming orbs and then afking all day at auction house again.

That made me ponder over it till today where i decided to leave this message and wish everyone else a happy gaming time.
I had a lot of fun these past years and ive seen a lot of things happen. Met many friends and lost many, saw guilds die, guild take over the server...so forth and so on.

I still love my toon and the work and money and time ive invested in her. im proud of my masses on achieves and titles and my mount and fashion collection but sadly not even that is enough anymore to keep me around. Thank u domino and all the other GMs that have been around and tried to save the game!

Have fun everyone and try to enjoy the game as long as FW will still be around.
Thank you for all the memories and nice ppl ive met!

PoPxTart out!

♫Pic by awsome wifey Ryu♫
PoPxTart - Wind Bard


  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    You're free! Gratz!

    Gl in real life!
  • yolo#4458 yolo Posts: 42 Arc User
    Another one cured from FW addiction o/
    "I love the smell of nukes in the morning"
  • azariel13azariel13 Posts: 72 Arc User
    Sadly never really got the chance to meet you but always admired your style.
    Take care and enjoy being free o/
  • se1765anse1765an Posts: 8 Arc User
    Always seen you around in game, and will miss seeing you, but good luck and be happy.
  • silnecsilnec Posts: 248 Arc User
    Oh wow. Never met you in game as we play on different servers but I have seen you on this forum for very long time. As an old player, its always not a happy thing seeing another old player leave the game. But, it is what it is. Good luck in future plans.

    ⋆⋆⋆ SEPHMEISTER ⋆ Illyfue ⋆⋆⋆

    "this game is dying on all servers, wake the fk up" - Amarantos

    This is the truth. PWE does not care.

  • bboymigobboymigo Posts: 100 Arc User
    Lol veteran
  • bloodreaperfwbloodreaperfw Posts: 66 Arc User
    Goodbye, you will be missed :'(
    Level 100 BloodWind
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