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zenislavzenislav Posts: 5 Arc User
Just wondering which one of the Europian servers is the most populated one? I am going to try the game once more after a long break, the thing is all my characters are on the eryda server, and customer support said there is no way to transfer them on to EU servers :/ ,so im about to start new characters on EU servers, but i really dont wanna play in a ghost town,anyy feedback would be very appreciated, thanks!


  • freeyaafreeyaa Posts: 523 Arc User
    Most active english speaking eu server would prolly be illyfue.
    Dyos is quite alive but it's German, I'm guessing Shylia is quite alive, too, but that's the Frensh server.
    Nyos is prolly the less populated out of them all.​​
    <mean, grumpy b!sh>
    Lycanella - Dyos
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  • zenislavzenislav Posts: 5 Arc User
    Thanks for asnwering, i hope i see a person alive every once in a while :trollface:
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