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Got disconnected and can't log back in

loki007loki007 Posts: 5 Arc User
I afk'd in training grounds while I went to go grab dinner. Nothing special there. When I got back, I got dc'd. Also, nothing really special there since I often get dc'd when I afk. When I try to log back in to my character, I press Start and nothing happens. I try to play my other characters and press Start, a message will say I'm "Disconnected". I can't log in :(


  • loki007loki007 Posts: 5 Arc User
    I have tried setting the compatibility to XP (Pack 3) and running it as admin. Still, can't log in. The message that pops goes, "You have been disconnected. Please log back onto server."
  • khallimaxkhallimax Posts: 2 Arc User
    Same here
  • mrnubianmrnubian Posts: 1 Arc User
    Same also
  • art74art74 Posts: 1 Arc User
    same here
  • amssuper97amssuper97 Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm having the same trouble logging in, and when I log if you try to releportar for the guild take disconect.

    Another thing I can not finish and the quest that takes the relic someone has to help?
  • allydianallydian Posts: 2 Arc User
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