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Isock's guide for marksman

Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
edited May 2014 in Marksman Discussion
sorry for any mispelt

Since the guides have been outdated by quite a lot of time, i decided to make a new one myself

About my character: Isock is a level 80 marksman, soul for about 2 or more years, playing since 2011, and I have used about 50 to 80 talent compasses, why so many talent resets? Because I like to try new builds and occasionally found a new way to arrange talents that gives me more benefits than my old “standard” builds
Is mainly an accuracy build, doesn’t have many lvl 4 gems and most gear is 10/12, because I can’t really spend a lot of money at once on the game
Masteries are lvl 46 and resistances lvl 20 all, still working on them
So how come whit a pretty average or maybe under geared character I pretend to teach or guide someone? Because for all the time I have been having to struggle against better geared foes, I have learned quite a bit about the talents of each tree, focusing mainly on crowd control, since if an opponent cannot attack you, the chances to survive are better

General notes about marksman class
The marksman class(mm) is one of the most specialized on the game, can choose between raw damage (precision) burst damage (soul) and area of effect attacks (burst)
It has an unique feature named soul bullets, each soul bullet gives the skill an unique effect and a bit of more damage, the soul tree revolves mainly about this mechanic but the other ones use it too, a marksman can hold 20 bullets at any time, they don’t disappear unless used or if character
The skills available for all the marksman are

Hunter mark: provides for more effects for some skills, also is a good debuff to evasion. Soul and precision use it a lot, I recommend to bind it to either f1 or a key to be easy to use
Mind flaying bullet: Is good damage skill, it can enter soul catching time that allows making soul bullets, is useful for all trees
Fire at will: this skill works together whit mind flaying bullet to create soul bullets
Soul snipe: first crowd control that the mm gets, doesn’t do much but have a chance to stun targets market whit hunter mark
Extreme sniping: takes long to use, however a nice stun that does good damage makes it viable on pvp and pve
Exorcising bullet: another crowd control skill, does good damage and disarms targets affected by hunter mark
Burning swirl: an aoe disarm that has a long cool down, I recommend saving it for when the opponents frees from other cc or is on group
Accuracy guidance: a nice buff for parties, useful especially if facing an evasion opponent or group
have low accuracy
Quick reload: one of the main ways to get soul bullets, gives 6 minimum and have a nice mana regeneration effect
Weakening cloud: a skill that serves as the primary form of scape for mm, is a debuf to accuracy and gives invisibility for 2 seconds
Fast action: standard movement speed personal buff
Invigorate: only anti-crowd control measurement marksman have, have a 5 min cool down and doesn’t prevent from getting cc’ed again, also is a speed buff
Soul resolution: is a shield that last about 10 seconds and escalates according to oneself HP, blocks 75% damage and gives immunity to bleed effects (more useful against a vampire’s feast
skill) can be used even under crowd-control skills but can be interrupted rather easily
Double shot: increases damage by 25% of the next 5 attacks, skills cost an extra soul bullet
Penetrating shot: area of effect in a line, also slows targets down
Pulse shot: whit hunter mark, dismounts targets and slow them down
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  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited April 2014
    The tress

    Precision: this one focuses more on raw damage and cool downs that sync so can always be attacking, have a good crowd-control effect whit the talents, aimed shot provides whit a 3 seconds stun and bleed damage, Encourage is one of the best buffs in game (especially whit high accuracy) and the master sniper talents make it so can keep any opponent unfortunate enough to ran out of anti-cc skills to be locked until dead, dazing shot however isn’t that good, but is a good debuff to make an opponent fleeing a sitting duck

    The hunter mark of a precision marksman is every evasion player nightmare, it can do a total of -140 evasion, swift soul trap makes mind flaying bullet much more scary, also it haves the capacity to give critical chance buff to everyone, and to regen mana and HP each time a soul bullet is made, also makes the rather use-less skill double shot something worth of use, however it lacks against healer classes and only have a one use and long cool down soul resolution, is a great support and can do wonders if have a lot of means to survive and high accuracy, good for any group for either pvp or pve

    Soul: this tree almost tells anyone to not touch it unless high level, since at early levels doesn’t have any advantage compared to precision or burst, it focuses more on making soul bullets more easily, it gives more invisibility time whit weakening cloud, the hunter mark is nowhere near the scariness level of precision, but is still good to use any evasion player, it depends a lot on hunter mark, since the skill soul discharge does extra-mana drain against enemies, exorcising bullets silences targets and improves chances to stun whit soul snipe, so any soul marksman should practice to cast hunter mark at the beginning of anything

    Soul discharge gives a soul bullets when crack shot time is off, and when is on doesn’t use one, if talented also have the chance to drain the mana of the opponent, is nowhere fast to a bard or a priest drain, however on a prolonged fight it can mean a lot
    Some talents like stay bullets are kind of useful, however some like stunning shot are rather use-less, it does give a variety options for some builds though,
    Most of the talents are either to produce soul bullets or increase chance to stun on early talents, but souls starts to shine at higher levels, giving soul resolution more durability and less cool down time, also giving exorcising bullet the effect to silence targets, making it viably to silence a healer in addition to all the stuns

    Burst of rage is a good burst damage, but it got a huge nerf whit the dysil patch, since iron skin (gloop skill) reduces damage taken, if use burst of rage at the beginning of a fight is probably going to do low to no damage, before using it on pvp I recommend getting at least a pair of wrath orbs, since this skill also makes a lot of those, should be no problem getting red hand rather easily
    Spare ammo resets the cool down for soul resolution, essentially giving 2 shields for any marksman that use this skill, also 5 bullets
    Burst: this tree is the area of effect and pve superior tree, it gives since the beginning a spam-able skill, and a nice debuff for resistances so rake of fury and penetrating shot , penetrating shot can get a 2 or 1 sec cool down, also increases the damage over all talents of the tree, rake of fury becomes spam able and whit high mastery of fire, can burn entire teams and mobs alike
    Whit back up fire and quick reload, can exploit the spam-ability of rake of fury, making a burn that last long and stacks a lot, flame profession make it so don’t run of mana quickly when using rake of fury + penetrating shot, burst doesn’t really have the need to use any other attack skill, maybe just an occasional crowd-control in pvp, burning rage is a better version of double shot that doesn’t have any downside, making it perfect when taking a break of spam or preparing for an attack

    High velocity shot is really not bad, but isn’t good either, is a good aoe to use from time to time, but the time it takes to silence a target makes it very complicated, to silence a target need to have crack shot time on, use rake of fury at least 4 times and then use it, but as another attack is good
    Isn’t very good at pvp since burst only have one soul resolution shield and no way to counter any crowd control effect, since it needs to be casting the attacks constantly to be a threat, need to be either evasion or having a priest in side to be competent in pvp, however any rake of fury whit good mastery (more of 500) will do a damage over time that cannot be ignored


    talent builds (lvl 80 cap)
    precision-> precision
    soul ->soul
  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited April 2014
    Over all marksman is a class that can become very specialized in something, precision is decent to pick up when leveling up, since it have both damage and stuns, have a nice buff for instances/groups , is good for any new marksman or a veteran marksman that haven’t try it out in a while
    Soul is more inclined to pvp, however whit the iron skin (gloop) makes the main hitter, burst of rage not very good at the beginning of fights anymore, but still can get red hand faster than any class, also have the highest survival of all the trees, but need to be high level to really shine
    Burst is good if just want to do pve, , since it only uses 2 skills mostly is pretty good for farming soul power or instances, need to work on the HP or evasion however, if want to survive on any pvp

    I recommend if can afford, to get double talents for a mm, it increases the flexibility a lot, is worth the cost but not everyone can get it

    Depends mostly on any build, I recommend accuracy, however there isn’t many evasion builds around, but since hunter mark and accuracy guidance gives some, don’t really need to work much on it, Instance sets are good overall, and cheap to acquire, arena set drawbacks accuracy by a lot, but the higher survival rate make it good for some people, i recommend, if want to focus on pvp, choosing a team and seeing which role can do

    Instance set: Generally cheap, can buy whit shards from shylia market and world bosses, good to know which stats like the most, usually have attack and accuracy bonus

    arena set: a bit hard to get, doesn't have much attack or accuracy, gives a lot of hp and crittical defense/dodge, it makes you harder to kill and is easier to fight assasins, however the reduce damage and accuracy can take a toll especially against evasion player

    critical damage: overall is good, usually this comes in the form of ID's or crafted gear, suffers a lot against evasion builds tho

    evasion: is better against critical damage builds and arena set, but usually are squishy to anyone whit enough accuracy to hit them

    accuracy: usually the cheapest to get, not very good against critical builds or arena users, but negats the advantage of evasion builds

    champion/wargod/weird set thay needs void stuff: a better version of set gear

    usually a mix is better than a "pure" build, critical damage need a bit of accuracy, evasion need it too against other evasion builds and accuracy need something to survive/deal damage, evasion could be considered the best but then again doesn't deal much damage, arena gives more survivavility but at the cost of being a sitting duck against evasion, so best is to try differents builds and see whichone works better

    Eagle eyes and bloodstones should be the priorities, doesn’t matter if want to pvp or just pve, evasion builds can benefit from the accuracy too, crit dodge also should be looked after, critical defense or critical attack are usefull too, marksman don’t really need mana, any set or gear should be enough to be able to withstand a prolonged fight, defense is kind of useless, but if cannot afford better gems can help out

    eagle eyes: should be a priority even if aren't trying for an accuracy build, are usually cheap
    bloodstones: gives hp, are common gems and should have it on all gear pieces
    shattershards: critical damage, usually a bit expensive, helps to deal more damage
    goldsparks: critical chance
    twilights: critical dodge, need this if want to have a better time against assasin
    crystaline: critical defense
    mistrouds: evasion, do not bother whit these unless already have good evasion from ID's
    azurecloud: pass on these unless mana is less than 20k
    solarflares: defense, should use them only if cannot afford better gems to survive
  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited April 2014
    Runes (that I recommend, im not sure how many are out there)

    From precision
    Soul force return + relaxation: it helps out in either pvp or pve, kind of weird and costly, but worth the cost
    Master sniper: a must for precision or soul, increases the chances to lock an opponent whit stuns, weird as hell
    Swift soul trap: reduces cool down from mind flaying bullet
    Contact: accuracy guidance gives crit chance

    From soul
    Professional hunter: more evasion debuff for hunter mark
    Art of reloading: less cool down from quick reload
    Soul concentration: a chance for more soul bullets from quick reload
    Remains of soul: more damage absorbed + less mana cost
    Pulse precision: makes pulse shot make people not move whit 2 or more points

    From burst
    Speed of fire: specially for evasion builds
    Swift penetration: more spam
    Flame profession: less cost from skills
    Motivate: crit damage buff

    tips for pvp overall:
    always iniate a fight whit hunter mark and one of your stuns, then depending on your tree, keep them locked or start to make wrath orbs, wrath orbs are your faster way to win, so learn to time your stuns for gathering the orbs

    Tips against other classes on pvp:

    vampires: hunter mark+pulse shot are their doom, a vampire than cannot attack you, a vampire that you dont have to figure out which talent tree are using, use penetrating shot to keep them slow, save your shield for their fest skill, do not let them get close

    mages: fire mages are annoying, but only have one stun, watch out for when they stop attacking and use a stun to negate theirs
    ice mages: drake skin can be tricky to counter, when they activate their shield they are inmune for up to 3 seconds, have a lot of stuns, at the beggining of a fight force them to activate their shield and after that use exorcising bullet to prevent them for attacking while drake skin is active
    wind mages: do not stay close to them, purgatory of lightning is similar to burst of rage, also their mana drain is quite scary, however doesn't have many stuns neither the afterburn of a fire mage

    assasins: edge assasins are your bigger counter, their critical chance+stun at the beggining of a fight can hurt you a lot, experienced sins will try to force you to waste soul resolution, watch out for lonely pets on pvp and random soulpowers effects
    venom sins do not have the critical chance, but they can silence and hit harder
    dark assasin and hybrid assasins rely on swift evasion to give you a hard time, specially lycan assasins since they have 3 stealths,
    if you manage to survive the initial attacks killing them is just a matter of keeping them cc'ed to death and not letting them go into stealth again

    warriors: third counter to marksman
    elemental warriors: used to be fairly common, not as common now, just watch out for their reflect, soul resolution negates it, and don't spend much time close to them
    bloodlust: their sacrifice and perks whit assault can be a nightmare, however lacks the reflect and stuns from elemental, use soul resolution if you see one targeting you
    aegis: a bit uncommon, but can tank your attacks and use assault at any range

    divine: can be a pain to kill, especially if bubble, keep them on stuns if on group, mana drain them whit soul discharge, overall just keep them on crowd control till your team kills the rest
    rebel: watch out for their mana drains, keep your distance and never get close, they have as many as stuns as you
    glacial: similar to rebel but whit freeze effects

    protector: they are yet another counter to marksman, their retaliation aura will chip some health off you, however they are fairly slow and need to get close to finish you off
    diamond: they have stuns and hit hard, specially if you have been attacking them for a while, watch out for their ACM(looks like a shield) and don't stun yourself, just run away till is over and mana drain them/keep them slow
    granite: fairly weird build, however don't understimate them especially on groups, they can kep you silenced to death while helping their team mates, so keep them away
    marble: they can tank your attacks but don't really many stuns, their retaliation aura hits harder tho

    bards: 2nd counter to markman if the waterbard
    wind: they have a lot of damage and can keep their party's buffed for a lot, however they lack any kind of shield and if silence cannot do much
    water: their shield is any marksman nightmare, cannot stun/silence/sleep them, however disarm still works on them, they also drain mana, keep them disarmed whit exo bullet and burning swirl till you gather wrath orbs
    light: they can heal their team mates and revive them, priotize them along whit priests

    In conclusion for me:
    Marksman is a pretty fun class to play and use it as main, can either be a cute little girl or a kind off weird guy that sneezes a lot, it may feel in disadvantages at a time, but it can also do awesome stuff from time to time, even if under geared, plus is very funny watching someone run from a little guy/girl, I recommend to try it out

    Hope the guide is somewhat useful, will add images soon
  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited May 2014
    reserved for lvl 90 notes in case someone cares


    need to modify alot, will make new guide soon~ (in case someone cares)
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