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What did you choose?

shadower777shadower777 Posts: 170 Arc User
edited March 2014 in Marksman Discussion
Hey Marksman,

What has been your choice between Dyos(good) and Nyos(evil)?
and why?

My own choice for burst MM hybrid built:
I was around lvl 70 when it was released. I've read both descriptions and my first tought was "dyos gives CC all the time so it must be better cause Nyos gives a chance to get a buff for CC"

Now i'm changing from an almost full dyos to a pretty empty Nyos. cause i feel in the end, 6% more CC is much better then 10% more crit-dmg and the chance for the buff is pretty high end game.

My perspective is pure PVE.

what's your opinion?
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  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    i failed to see the buffs when soul power was released, i tought was going to be kind of a moral sistem so i choosed dyos

    however now i see that(if max both tree's talents/squares?) nyos has more accuracy and damage
    while dyos has more evasion and crit defense, im tempted to go for nyos for more accuracy but i like the weird eagle that spawns using dyos

    i feel nyos is better for burst since all the buff that it gives, since the other 2 trees are kinda the same
    but i think is just a matter between if want acc or evasion for some builds or like blue flames or weird fireworks :D
  • jblaz3jblaz3 Posts: 73 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    "nyos has more accuracy and damage" not true nyos has more acc and crit defense,
    dyos has more evasion and crit damage
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