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New to SIN Character

arreallearrealle Posts: 6 Arc User
edited February 2014 in Assassin Discussion
i have traditionally played healer classes on the other MMOS i have played and would like to try something with a more PVP as opposed to a support role.

Before I actually create my character i have a few questions and would appreciate some constructive feedback :]

1. For PVP is there actually a benefit in choosing human or kindred ?

2. I would like to try PVP asap as the game allows so with this in mind what tree is the most beneficial or is a hybrid build the best for PVP ?

3. Anyone care to share a talent point distribution which is effective for PVP

4.. I have no issue in CSing so I am assuming an eva/cc/cd build is the way to go ?

Thanks so Much in Advance..appreciate all your feedback.

New to the game and will be lookiing for an active decent guild as well.
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  • Idolon - Storm LegionIdolon - Storm Legion Posts: 294 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    1. There are slight differences between the two (there's also a Lycan sin, but the talent tree doesnt show that) each tree has a talent or two that are different for each race and a racial skill/passive.

    2. Depends on the tree, the popular sin tree i find is Edge/Dark, for evasion build you go down just far enough for Swift Evasion and max that out, then the rest in Edge. Pure of any tree is somewhat rare for pvp. There's also venom/dark for pvp but its a bit harder to use than edge/dark.

    3. Dig through the assassin discussion threads. there are plenty to find

    4. if you go edge/dark yes.
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  • Romkin - LionheartRomkin - Lionheart Posts: 512 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    http://fwcalc.com/kindred-assassin/#CgUUaZg3g6bGUgqRg7TF here is a dark/venom build it focuses on ToP spam and with high cc you can essentially silence your opponet to death with 1 skill.
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