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Lycan assassin discussion/questions

drahzandrahzan Posts: 8 Arc User
edited September 2013 in Assassin Discussion
Hi, As of now i'm a lycan assassin player. I'm relatively new to the sin class and also to the lycan race which has left me with tons of questions. I'm making this post in order to get insight from the more advanced players on my doubts.

1- The racial skills. At first glance they seem pretty bad to me. If you compare them to the Kindred/elves/... The reason for that is more probable to be a deficient approach on my part than them actually being bad so i will post what i feel is now good and i hope you can give me some info on how to make then worthy.

a) Transform: +15% cast speed. Since many sin skills have 1-2 sec of cast this buff seems pretty useless... I mean, instead of 1second now i attack in 0.85secs? Is that 0.15 sec really apreciable? As i see it the transform skill is only useful when you get the edge skill that grants +30% bonus damage to finishers when transformed... Which happens when you reach lvl 55-56...

b) Moon Mist: +100% movement for 2 secs. The low duration has made me relegate it as a use to catch or use to flee skill. Is that how it is supposed t be used?

c) Faylune's blessing: well it gives me a small speed boost (+3%) and +1% crit. Even if they are low ammounts this is the only skill that seems a bit useful fro the extra speed and a bit more chance to score a crit...

2- Assasination: as i see it the first sin skill is the one that more frecuently boosts my transform time but as it increases in lvl it costs more MP. Should i leave it at lvl 1 and use it for transformation extend purposes or should i lvl it as much as i can?

3- Stealth skills: if i'm not into PvP should i still develop them?

4- Talents I: should i focus only on one tree up to the last skill or should i try to get skills from more than one of them?

5- Talents II: If i focus on a single talent tree, is it better to get al the skills in order or i should skip some skills in order to get the more powerful ones sooner?

Well, if you have read all this then thank you. If you also can give me some insight then thank you even more.
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  • drahzandrahzan Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited September 2013

    faster = hit rate = more damage

    I understand but still, wouldn't cooldowns counter that? i mean: the skill is cast faster but cooldown would be the same? Is that all about chaining them?

    go for a hybrid edge dark

    Can you give a list of talents to develop and to wich point? How many talent points should i put into each tree?

    Also... all stealth skills increase first damage? Also against monsters (De description says doesn't work on monsters but i do not know if it reffers to the actual "invisibility" or to the damage boost too).

    FInally: Thanks for taking the time to answer me Natsss
  • creepyguycreepyguy Posts: 295 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    If you got the money for it and you plan on sticking with this character for the long term, go eva venom.
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