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dyos fervor 75 for sin

MarketPrice - EyrdaMarketPrice - Eyrda Posts: 31 Arc User
edited September 2013 in Assassin Discussion
anyone know how it works?
totally dont get what it means~
anyone reach 75? thx :DT;Kissing
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  • Nyos - NyosNyos - Nyos Posts: 422 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    I dont have 75 Dyos virtue so i am not too sure if it work like it say.

    I understand that it give 0,7% cirt rate for each Dyos blade that is consumed.

    For example, if you got Dyos blade(lvl 35 Dyos skill), each stack give 1% cirt rate, can get 10 stack for 10%. And when you got 10%, you can use Deputy of death which consume all 10 stack of Dyos blade. Since there is 10 stack you get 0,7% x 10 is 7%, you get 7% cirt rate for next 45sec. While you got that 7% you cant get more Dyos blade.

    Also if you use Deputy of Death with 5 Stack of Dyos Blade, you get 0,7% x 5 is 3,5% cirtrate for next 45sec.

    That is what I understood, Can be buggy or have wroung translate since it is fw.
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