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Wich race? o.O

Gelytaniel - DyosGelytaniel - Dyos Posts: 2 Arc User
edited August 2013 in Assassin Discussion
Hi Community!

Im currently planning to create a new sin and now im struggling to choose one of the three races... Id be very happy if some experieced could show me the differences between humans, kindred and lycans. Are there differences in each tree? Wich racial skills and bonuses are the best, pvp-wise? Is pray still as op as earlier? (Maaaybe i should mention that i havent played for more than year :D )

Thanks. (:

PS: my english sucks, but since the german forums seem to be sleeping...

PSS: Havent decided yet if want to go Edge or Dark or even hybrid. :-)
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  • rougeinformantrougeinformant Posts: 54 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    Well for your races you ahve some choices you can make depending on the race you choose.

    Humans: Versatile in all abilities, Pray recovers mana and disrupts some control effects, can also make Dark Assassin to also nullify Ensnares and Slows in pvp.

    Kindred: Strong in Venom and Dark talents, Edge is pretty much the same as Human talents, Vampire Kiss can Restore Health in a bind and silence for a few seconds, combining with Edge Talented Dark Nightmare can silence for a combined total of 10 seconds (Very long time for silence) and Dark Talent Kidnred Assassins can nullify call controlling effects at the cost of base hp for a short time.

    Lycan: Ability to spam finishers with full orbs (Inquire within talent trees, agony for venom, blast for edge.) Extra Crit Chance from racial boost. Also fairly Versatile and able to pvp well.

    It somewhat depends on your pve or pvp needs or wants. Lycans have a strong ability to pvp, Kindreds can pve or pvp well. Humans can pvp extremely well as dark with the ability to beat back mana drains if used right as well as the ability to escape some controls. Most of the talents are in fact the same for all races and the only thing that differs the trend is Lycan with talents that revolve around your lycan form.
  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    human edge have a talent that gives a chance to not use blast orbs, can spam more silences T;Moustache

    kindreds have a better dark tree

    lycan for some reason hits harder and they have 3 stealths, altough most talents are like kindred
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