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Patch Notes for War of Shadows

lokisdottirlokisdottir Posts: 108 Arc User
edited December 2012 in Patch Notes
Please find the full patch notes below for the War of Shadows Expansion. Also make sure to check out the Known Issues List {HERE} for information about issues we're aware of and working on.

New Race: Lycan
- Create a brand new Lycan character and fight alongside Osied to free yourself from the blood curse! Save your land and your people from enslavement by the Storm Legion. Male Lycan can play as sneaky Assassins, Female Lycan are spiritual Priests.
- New Starting zone, Eclipse Hollow.
- New racial skills:
Moon Mist: Increases movement speed by 100% for 2 seconds, Dispels all controlling effects.
Savage Transformation: Dispels slow effects, Increases casting speed by 15% for 15 seconds. Using class skills during a transform extends the transform time.
Faylune's Blessing: Increases Crit Chance and Crit Heals by 1%. Movement speed increased by 3% even while mounted. Lasts 30 minutes.

New System: Daily Attendance
- Gain rewards for logging in every day! Talk to Henry and complete the quest "Check-In" to get started. Gain Attendance Cards, Sign In Packs and Sealed Lucky Gift Boxes!
- Trade Attendance Cards at Otis the Shard Collector for other Boxes, or for Magic Keys to open Sealed Lucky Gift Boxes, or check the Eyrda Boutique for more Magic Keys!
- Gift Boxes can contain great prizes including mounts, pets, fashion, rare orbs, or even a Crystallized Oracle: Light of Revelation.

New System: Augmenting
- Augment high level gear to add another random attribute that can be re identified.
- Augmenting items can be found in many instances and from a lot of events. Check the Event Interface in game for more details.
- Speak to an Armorer once you have an augmenting item to upgrade gear.

New Gear: Anima
- Two new gear slots are available on every character. Shelter and Rage Anima can be gained from the new instances, Hell Road and War of the Ancients. These powerful pieces of gear can be upgraded to add a chance to deal additional elemental damage with each attack, or to add elemental resistances.
- Open the Anima interface from the character menu once you have an Anima equipped to upgrade it.
- Anima upgrade items can be purchased from the Eyrda Boutique or gained from gear instances and daily events.

New System: Fusion Gems
- Available from the Mastery and Resistance tab of the Character Interface, this resistance-based system is most useful to high level alchemists.
-Craft or find Fusion Gems and socket them into the Correct Fusion Collections to unlock additional bonuses to your stats.

Expanded Soul Power Trees
- Dyos' Virtue and Nyos' Vice trees have been extended to Lv90 with new Soul Power Talents to increase stats even more.
- Item added to the Eyrda Boutique and some events that will double Soul Power gained for a half hour at a time. Time stacks to 23.5 hours and can be turned off and on in the same interface as the Lionheart Scroll.
- All Soul Power passive skills have been reset to only require Lv20 Virtue or Vice except the ones related to Soul Power or Wrath.

Solo Instance: Hell Road
- Enter Hell Road via the T menu from the Hell Road Tab after level 60.
- Hell Road is a solo instance where you must make a Soul Contract with a demon to survive. Level up the demon companion with items found within Hell Road to make her more of a benefit than a burden.
- Gain a Rage Anima, Anima Upgrade Items, and Resistance Training Points by completing rooms.
- Check your weekly ranking, tracked by Class, to see how well you do compared to your friends....and enemies.

Group Instance: War of the Ancients
- Enter War of the Ancients via the T menu or by visiting Bloodskull Camp in Sleeping Jungle. Transform yourself into an ancient Bruten warrior to help your allies stop their ancestral enemies in this time warped Tower Defense instance.
- War of the Ancients is open Friday-Sunday, and you may only try once/day.
- Earn a Shelter Anima and upgrade items.
- The more points you gain in the instance, the better choices you have for which character you transform into. Each have their strengths and weaknesses-but it will take everyone to reach the end of the instance.

New Charlie's Tavern Quest
- Find out why the lights have been left on every night in Charlie's Tavern in Nightfall by starting the Lv72 quest.
- At last, the pole is explained.

Skills and Talents:
- Skills and talents have been rebalanced, see specific changes below

+ General:
- All attack skills, including curses, can no longer be cast while empty handed or disarmed.
- Casting Bar for Skills that hit multiple times (e.g. Fury of Ice, Nature's Fury, Light Punishment, etc...) last until the final hit is landed instead of finishing when the first hit landed. This results in the casting bar being displayed for longer, but does not affect the time it takes to cast the spells.

+ Warrior:
- Removed the need to stack Frenzy, Combat, or Bloodrage stance. Players need to only activate the skill once to gain the benefit of all 3 stacks, the stance will persist through death. Switching between stances now grants a 60% movement speed buff for 2 seconds.
- Soul Devour: Removes all control and bleeding effects. Any damage you take triggers the Soul Devour effect which increases your next attack by 6% base damage for 5 stacks, up from 3% for 10 stacks.
- Enforced Devour (Bloodlust Tree): This talent now grants a 12%/24% chance to refresh the cooldown of Assault instead of giving an additional stack of Soul Devour when you take damage. Additionally, Attack is increased by 1%/2% instead of 0.5%/1% while under the effect of Soul Devour.
- Raging Devour (Elemental Tree): This talent now grants a 30%/60%/100% chance to resist stun and sleep effects while Soul Devour is active (Previous: Granted a 50/100% chance to resist slow effects while Soul Devour is active).
- Fading Corruption: While in Combat Stance, Evil Ward has a 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% chance to remove the most recent Defensive buff from the target. Chance is reduced by half when not in Combat Stance.
- Lightning Wings: Deals 150% instead of 80% base damage. Ensnares target for 3 seconds. Targets affected by the Thunder effect are silenced for 3 seconds, and the Thunder effect is removed.
- Swift Lightning (Elemental Tree): In addition to existing cooldown reduction, the casting time of Lightning Wings is reduced by 10%/20%/30%/40%.
- Slash Storm (Elemental Tree): Cast time reduced to 2 seconds. Each hit now deals 100% of your base Attack, and the first hit has a 100% chance to slow the target and afflict the target with the Thunder effect.
- Sword Cyclone: Cast time reduced to 2 seconds. Each hit now deals 100% of your base Attack. The first, second and third hits now have a 50%/75%/100% chance to interrupt the target's casting, and the skill now attacks up to 15 targets.
- Weapon Sabotage (Bloodlust Tree): In addition to existing effect, Sword Cyclone also has a 10/20/30% chance to disarm targets for 3 seconds.
- Thunder Silence (Bloodlust Tree): If the second strike of either Lightning Slash or Crimson Arc lands a Crit, the target is silenced for 1/2 seconds.
- Frenzied Force (Elemental Tree): In addition to existing effects, changes the damage type of Bash into Wind damage.

+ Protector
- Racial Skill - Earth Fury: Deals 1000 damage plus 10% of your max Health as damage.
- Fury of Light: Cast time reduced to 1.5 seconds. Has a 60% chance to disarm the target for 2-3 seconds (chance reduced by half for stunned targets).
- Earthen Penance, Crushing Attack (Diamond Tree), Fist of Heaven (Granite Tree), Upheaval (Marble Tree): Cast time reduced to 1.5 seconds.
- Loyalty (Diamond Tree): In addition to existing effects, removes most recent Bleed effect from you and the target.
- Magic Taunt (Diamond Tree): Taunt now reduces target's Mana by 250/500/750/1000 plus 3/6/9/12% of target's current Mana.
- Fury Lock (Granite Tree): Grants a chance to use no fury when casting Force of Fury or Fury of Light.
- Eye of the Storm (Granite Tree): Grants a 50%/100% chance to dispel slow effects at Lv1, to dispel ensnare effect at Lv2, and to dispel disarm effects at Lv3.
- Faith of Protection (Marble Tree): Increases your max Health by 4% plus 100/200/300/400 when you are struck while Protection of Strength is active.

+ Assassin
- Shadow Protection: Dispels bleeding effects.
- Advanced Shadow Protection (Dark Tree): Lv5 talent Dispels controlling effects.
- Deadly Chaser, Pitch: Casting time reduced to 0.5 seconds.
- Mutilation (Venom Tree): Casting time reduced to 2 seconds. Finisher skills have a chance to enable Blast Orbs to activate Mutilation in addition to Agony Orbs. Each strike now deals 80% of your base Attack. The target loses 1% of its max Health per second, and is slowed by 20%. The last strike generates an additional Agony Orb.
- Imperiling Hack(Edge Tree): Casting time is reduced to 2 seconds. Finisher skills have a chance to enable Blast Orbs to activate Imperiling Hack in addition to Agony Orbs. Each strike now deals 80% of your base Attack. The last strike generates an additional Blast Orb.
- Shadow Bites (Dark Tree): Each strike deals 80% of your Attack. Each strike has 30% chance to silence the target for 3 seconds.
- Advanced Lurking Sting (Venom Tree): Each Talent point increases Accuracy by 20.
- Offense Break (Venom Tree): Grants a 50%/100% chance to silence the target if Thrust of Pain, Lurking Sting, or Mutilation land a Crit.

+ Vampire
- Invigoration: Duration increased to 10 seconds.
- Dark Bonds: Range is increased to 18 meters.
- Blood Rite: Dispels bleed effects. Duration is reduced to 12 seconds.
- Withered Space (Blood Tree): In addition to existing effects, player is granted immunity to silence and stun effects while using this skill.
- Imp Form (Dark Tree): Casting will not be interrupted by controlling effects.
- Feast, Invigoration: Casting time reduced to 1.5 seconds.

+ Bard
- Movement: Courage, Hymn: Majesty: Ranges are increased to 17 meters.
- Chord of Light: Cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds.
- Light Sonata: Has a 80% chance to trigger the Light Sonata effect for 6 seconds. Light Sonata effect now affects Concerto of Life as well.
- Movement: Courage (Wind Tree): Increases Attack by an additional 5/10/15/20/25 per stack of Movement: Courage.
- Solo of Wind (Wind Tree): Wind Mastery is increased by 100/120/140/160/180 points for 15 seconds.
- Advanced Solo of Wind (Wind Tree): Wind Protection effect reduces incoming damage by 3/6/9/12% for 15 seconds.
- Wind Rhythm (Wind Tree): Wind Attack damage is increased to 15/30% while Note of Rest is active.
- Wind Maneuver (Wind Tree): Grants affected targets immunity to slow effects at Lv1, ensnare at Lv2, and bleed effects at Lv3.
- Advanced Voice of Freedom (Wind Tree): Dispels sleep effects at Lv1, Stun at Lv2, Silence and Disarm at Lv3.
- Tuneless Light (Light Tree): Increases the base damage of Tuneless Sound by 10/20/30%.
- Divine Shower (Light Tree): Hymn: Majesty reduces Crit attack damage received by 3/6/9%.
- Concerto of Life (Light Tree): Deals 130% of your base Attack.

+ Marksman
- Invigorate (Racial Skill): Grants immunity to slow and ensnare effects while active.
- Quick Reloading: Generates 1 Soul Bullet every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Up to 6 Soul Bullets can be generated this way.
- Hunter Mark: Casting time reduced to 0.5 seconds.
- Pulse Shot: Casting time reduced to 1.5 seconds.
- Extreme Sniping: Casting time reduced to 4 seconds. While Crack Shot Time is active, range is increased by 10 meters and Accuracy is increased by 20 per skill level. Stuns the target for 4 seconds.
- Soul Resolution: Spend 10 Soul Bullets or more to double the amount of damage absorbed by Soul Shield. Soul Resolution dispels bleed effects and Soul Shield grants immunity to bleed effects while active.
- Exorcising Bullet: Casting time is reduced to 1.5 seconds. Has a 100% chance to disarm targets affected by Hunter Mark for 4 seconds.
- Weakening Cloud: Casting is not interrupted by controlling effects. The player enters stealth for 2 seconds. Stealth ends if the player is attacked 3 times.
- Mist (Soul Tree): Weakening Cloud increases Stealth time.
- Soul Discharge (Soul Tree): Targets affected by Hunter Mark will lose 6/8/10/12% of their current Mana plus 150/300/450/600.
- Absorption (Soul Tree): Increases the duration of Mind Flaying Bullet by 2/4/6/8/10 seconds.
- Master Sniper (Precision Tree): Casting speed of the next Extreme Sniping is increased by 50/100% within 10 seconds after using Hunter Mark.
- Stone Smelt (Burst Tree): Pulse Shot reduces the max Health of targets affected by a burn effect by 4/8/12/16/20%.
- Soul Resistance (Burst Tree): Each attack you receive while Soul Resolution is active increases your Resistances by 10/20/30/40 and your Defense by 10/20/30/40 for 10 seconds.

+ Mage
- Sustained Energy (Lightning Tree): In addition to existing effects, Thunder Tempest increases the movement speed by 50%.
- Force of Protection (Lightning Tree): Duration is increased to 6 seconds.
- Meditation of Wind (Lightning Tree): In addition to existing effects, Wind Resistance is increased by 15/30/45/60 while Magic Meditation is active.
- Advanced Art of Magic (Fire Tree): In addition to existing effects, Advanced Art of Magic reduces the cost of fire skills by 5/10/15%.
- Fire Meditation (Fire Tree): In addition to existing effects, Fire Resistance is increased by 15/30/45/60 while Magic Meditation is active.
- Fireball Energy (Fire Tree): Reduces the Mana cost of Fireball by 7/14/21/28/35%.
- Glacier Shield (Frost Tree): In addition to existing effects, Increases your Water Resistance by 15/30/45.
- Spark Burst (Fire Tree): Corrected issue preventing skill from dealing the correct amount of damage.
- Ice Arrow: Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

+ Priest
- Divine Light (Divine Tree): Each strike is able to be canceled to improve the skill practicality. Casting time is reduced to 3.6 seconds.
- Divine Strike: Bonus damage is increased by 50%.
- Holy Prayer - Enigma: Casting time is reduced to 1.6 seconds.
- Flash Freeze (Glacial Tree): Reduces the casting time of Frost Concentration by 5/10/15%.
- Arcane Coldness (Glacial Tree): Increases the chance of absorbing Mana by 10/20/30/40%.

Bug Fixes and Optimization:
- Certain instances now have a chance to drop time-limited Fashion as a reward. Try your luck against the Pants Gnome in Fort Rotulor, Emperor's Canyon, Lost Lighthouse, Arena of Souls, Welkin Castle, Outer Ancestral Catacomb, Ancestral Catacombs, The Forgotten Prison, Aeon Spire, Gauntlet of Storms, Tomb of Kings and Fissure instances.
- Rewards for the quest A Royal Reward have been updated: The Dwarftech Skyracers was replaced with a new Flying Mount. Anima and Augmentation items can also be gained from the quest.
- Cross Map Auto-route: Click any coordinates or NPC in another map and your character will take the most efficient path there, including using teleporters and trackstones.
- Daily between 1 and 3pm the Mercury Union will broadcast business information. Make the most of Guild Trade runs by following their advice!
- Player Observation Feature: Examine a nearby character to see their Basic Information, PvP info, Mastery and Resistance, and Jobs.
- New notification appears if you try to purchase an item you can't use (e.g. wrong gender or class fashion)
- Bounty Quests Modified: Lv40-60 Bounties have reduced EXP rewards, the EXP of Phoenix Orders and Luck Quests has increased to compensate for this. Greatly increased the EXP reward of Lv25-69 Phoenix Orders. If you reach Lv35, 40, 50, 60, or 70 all your Beast order counters for the day or week are reset.
- Added Luck Levels. Talk to Norchardens to increase Luck Level (to a max of 6). Finish Blue or Green Personal Luck Quests to level up Luck. EXP of Luck quests is increased based on Luck Level and can grant Faith Tablets.
- Gear Instance and Daily Quest Modification: Removed the level limits on quests. Instance Quests can now only be gained by directly entering an instance, it will not be granted by entering through the Party Finder. Players receive Dedication for completing instance Daily Quests.
- Removed the Limit on Dedication gained in a week, added a reward for 240 Dedication.
- The Event UI has been completely overhauled to be more descriptive and easier to search.
- Crafted Lv75 armor and weapons can now be reforged.
- Players have to complete some of the Main Quest to receive Shylia Market Rewards.
- Upgraded Fashion now grants the correct title.
- Fe-NRIR mount is no longer smaller than it should be for Elf characters.
- Sorcerer's dress no longer changes the character's skin tone.
- Fixed animations to several flying mounts.
- Fixed some Chinese text in the Encyclopedia.
- White Rune branch skills no longer run in the opposite direction of the Soul power trees.
-"Group Apply" option has been moved to the new Events menu (Hotkey: U).
- A ton of localization changes both major and minor.
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