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Patch Notes for 10/23/2012- v0.307.0

lokisdottirlokisdottir Posts: 108 Arc User
edited October 2012 in Patch Notes
-Purchaser Rewards Fixes:
+Pet Slot Expansion Button removed so players can no longer accidentally delete pets. Please send in a ticket to support if you lost pets due to this issue.
+Credit Reward text removed to match version functionality.
-System Messages no longer have a Chinese header.
-US Fashion can be upgraded once more. Players who lost the upgraded fashion will be reimbursed soon.
-Steam overlay now working correctly again after every launch.
-Removed the microblog button to match version functionality.
-Tooltips have returned to the following Shops: Fleet Merchants, Alain, Caesar, Natalie, Benjamin Taylor, Otis Horkennan.
-Instance Detail display expanded to fit text from the Party Settings Interface.
-Frostgale Fjord Score number alignment fixed.
-Several fixes to skills for "error desc" issues.
-Corrected text for Losing Grip III to accurately reflect effect.
-Added player chosen names for Purchaser Rewards Motorcycle Mounts.
-Minor Localization Changes.
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