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Patch Notes 10/16/12 - v0.303.0

greyjoykrakengreyjoykraken Posts: 0 Arc User
edited October 2012 in Patch Notes
New Game Features:

-Pet Control Training-
Increase the power of your pet in a whole new way!
Train your pet to increase its Healing abilities, Masteries, Resistances, and attack!
Identify and increase your pet's effective level in these traits through Pet Melding.
Speak with Hicks to get started!
Note: Pet Melding requires a party of 2 or more.

-Memory Teleport-
Now you can teleport from one place to another anywhere in Eyrda!
Speak with Matthew the Teleporter in Freedom Harbor to Acquire a Spatial Compass.
Use that Compass to mark locations that you want to return to. You can mark any location in Eyrda, and return to it from wherever you are!

-Purchaser Rewards-
Rewards for those who have supported the Forsaken World!
Unlock different tiers of rewards based on your contributions.
Rewards include: Wardrobe extensions, Unique mounts, Unique Titles.

-New World Bosses: Battle the Elements!-
Battle the lords of the elements for great rewards!
You can find these new beasts on Realm 5 in the Ruins of Glory, Land of Scavengers, Beholder's Peak, Riverbank Beach, Land of Rest, Goutah's Eye, and the Abandoned Catacomb.
Be warned, the unprepared will be no match for these powerful creatures. You would do well to train your resistances before attempting to face them.

-Frostgale Fjord Improvements-
Gain double battlefield Points during the war god celebration
Wait period for Revival set to 5 seconds (players will autamatically revive after 30 seconds if they do not choose to revive)
Speed buffs will also apply to mounted players
IF players queueing for the battlefield are insufficient to start, the required participants for entry will be reduced.

-Gameplay Tweaks and Improvements-
Experience reward from Lv3 Pray increased
Current and previous login IP information added to the charcter select screen
Able to see current owners of territories from the map without having to visit the Immortal Rift NPC
Crystal Carts in Immortal Rift will now grant 5 resources instead of 3, but the respawn timer for crystal barrels has been extended.
Expanded size of blacklist, allowing for users to block communications from more people should they need to.

Bug Fixes:
-Surfer and Paradise fashion can now be upgraded and will grant titles
-Crash issue from v0.294.0 has been fixed
-Ironspine Rex has returned to Lajar Wolfhowl's shop
-Dyos' and Nyos' Vicious Intention now correctly display the requirement of 5 rune energy instead of 15
-Lv6 Fisherman should now be able to successfully fish in their Guild Bases

Known Issues:
-Tabard option is non-functional during Guild Wars
-Some flying mounts display animation issues
-Some fashion items are displaying clipping issues
-New items "Hesperidies Orb" and "Halloween Pack" are displaying placeholder icons in bag
-"Companion Points" text is overrunning in the Pet Journey interface
-Spatial Compass interface is missing a space between place name and location coordinates
-Chinese text is present in header for system announcements (red text)
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