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Took a break,just checking forums

Candeh - NyosCandeh - Nyos Posts: 180 Arc User
edited September 2012 in Nyos (PvP EU)
Yo so me and quitnapkin use to play on Nyos FW and i was wondering hows the server now? Has it improved or did the population went downhill? =/ Most of my friends left with me to another server and now to other games. Miss doing 3v3,6v6s here.

So some input would help :3 before i decide to download fw again
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  • Frost_Fang - NyosFrost_Fang - Nyos Posts: 837 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    I'd say population is the same sort-ish... maybe a bit smaller, everyone else would probably say: IT'S DYING AT A RAPID RATE! but they're saying that since forever, so...

    Server kinda revolves around arena, 12v12 arena, eb, rift i suppose... dunno what else.

    If u end up coming back, welcome back. If not, good luck out there.
    Member of "KoS_" cause unless you stand for something, you will fall for anything.
  • YukikoMika - NyosYukikoMika - Nyos Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    Hey Candeh, not seen you or Quit in a while! ;_;
    I'd personally say the server population remains about the same, some people quit to other games, but a few other people have returned to the game also.
    There have been a few new additions like 12v12, and botting mobs has now been enabled also.
    You could always try to redownload the game to see how you like it again! :P
  • Candeh - NyosCandeh - Nyos Posts: 180 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    Yuki <3 Replied to you on FB c: and well i see Frost, 12v12 sounds laggy lmao. And i shall redownload it sometime soon,miss everyone there <3

    Ty for the input you two :
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