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Good DPS Class?



  • lamesquirellamesquirel Posts: 284 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    I think everyone can agree that the Marksman is the best DPS in the game. No one can match is super OP skills, along with its super OP equipment. Plus, the pen may be mightier then the sword, but the bullet F****s you up!
  • ILikeBigGu - IllyfueILikeBigGu - Illyfue Posts: 1,066 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    not to be devils advocate or anything but

    My Venom sin has
    4 Physical Skills [Assassinate, Throat Seal, Night Term, Flair]
    5 Dark Skills [Thrust of Pain, Lurking Sting, Pitch, Dark Nightmare, Mutilation]

    Fairly Even.. no? Infact, Dark sins are yet more even, because they lose Muti and LS, [both dark] and gain Shadow Bites [dark], so they end up with [4/4] spread..

    Ok then, but instead you got highest dps in the server so its not that unfair
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  • sprayn00bsprayn00b Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    Why Hello thar TeamVISA member. Now.. Which warrior are you.. <detective mode> =P



    Found me yet xD?
  • Sabriele - Storm LegionSabriele - Storm Legion Posts: 243 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    No... =( and ive probably talked to you since!
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  • Celleiste - Storm LegionCelleiste - Storm Legion Posts: 62 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    in terms of damage, single target, you're probably looking at either a dark vamp or some form of 'sin class. I don't know much about sins, but dark vamps are heavy damage with or without mastery, especially if you have crits. Inferno vamps are arguably the gimpiest vamp class up until they can get inferno bat form. and possibly up til 60 when you get Hellfire Death.

    Raw flat damage, though? I would probably give it to a dark vamp over a sin, simply because of charmed strike. I know a sin that can probably hold aggro off me, but as soon as I can pop charmed strike repeatedly, aggro is no question. Charmed strike is literally just massive damage. A blood vamp may be able to compete with that, but with having a shortened cooldown on it, as well as attack increase on vamp form and a dark mastery talent, a dark vamp's going to outdamage a blood any day. Perhaps just on sheer crits. with the cooldown on Dark Ripple being 1 second, it's possible to just alternate DR + CS and hit a little damage, then a massive slap, then a little, then a slap, and if you're lucky Dark Ripple will just repeatedly trigger vamp form. :D

    Another thing too is they get an extra aoe, so with enough attack and mastery they're a good off-aoe if they alternate right.

    Aoe, probably a fire mage or lightning mage.
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