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Is this a good PvP Precision MM build?

ArcSap - IllyfueArcSap - Illyfue Posts: 1 Arc User
edited May 2012 in Marksman Discussion

If any talent that i have put is useless, please tell me which to replace with. Advice is much appreciated thanks!
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  • Isock - EyrdaIsock - Eyrda Posts: 589 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    for pvp i would had choose soul, but hadnt tryed full prec either
  • Dyvim - EyrdaDyvim - Eyrda Posts: 89 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    1) if you want strictly PvP best way to go is a full Soul build or Soul/Burst hybrid.
    2) I've been experimenting with a full precision build for almost 2 months now. I don't know why I'm still using it other than the fact it makes my guildies happy in PvE and at world boss. It is definitely not my first or second pick for arena.
    3) Remove your points completely in Target Practice, Burst Fire, Soul Force Return, and Relaxation. ==> These are all PvE emphasis skills. Not Required for PvP. Burst Fire would be cool to have but not worth the points investment.

    4) Swift Soul Trap = 5/5 ==> as your soul catching skill you want it available as often as possible and as your highest single target fire DD you want to max its dps.

    5) Pulse Precision = 2/2 ==> I prefer this maxed. The sooner you can start casting pulse shot the better, whether the opponent is coming at you or an ally.

    6) Lethal Control = 2/2 ==> my jaw dropped when u had 0 in this. should be self-explanatory.

    7) Strengthen Up = 3/3 ==> increases your overall attack. need maxed.

    8) Dazing Shot (Remove) ==> garbage. It sounds nice but you don't have 1 sec to spare in arena when you could be putting a hunter mark on main target instead.

    I recommend 4-5 points in Soul Absorption.
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