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[Nyos] ♆ LostSouls Guild ♆

coldsilvereyescoldsilvereyes Posts: 3 Arc User
edited April 2011 in Nyos (PvP EU)
LostSouls,Lvl2 guild is now opened for recruits. As a honorable member of this guild,I can say that:

1. Player must be active 120%,as every single of us is.
2. Player who requests to join needs to have microphone (Raidcall required).
3. Player needs to be sociable,always ready to help guildies.
4. Player must be PvP oriented,since Nyos is PvP server.
5. Player must be level 30+.
6. Player must be english - speaking.

At the moment,there are only 11 players in guild. You can take us as very serious guild,guild exists for almost 2 weeks,and with only 11 players we made it very fast to level 2 guild. In 1 week,we are going to expand our guild to level 3,maybe earlier if we get members active like us. Also,I have to inform you,that,we are not guild like bus stop guild. Once you enter,you join very sociable and warm family,always ready to help its members.

Guild leader: Assassin_Mary
Guild Co-leader: SavgeBeast

You can apply to guild here by posting an answer,or you can do that by PMing guild leaders.

GL all,hope you will find your way to our guild soon. ;)
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