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[Guide] Healing 101



  • DeltaTroopa - Storm LegionDeltaTroopa - Storm Legion Posts: 1,503 Arc User
    edited April 2012
    Blood Vamp - Good single target heals. No AoE heals. Single target HP/Attack buff if specced for it.
    Light Bard - Good AoE heals. No single target heals. Party Def+Attack buffs
    Divine Priest - Amazing single target heals. Ok AoE heals. Bubble, Def buff, Mastery/Acc/Eva buff
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  • wolfswhiterosewolfswhiterose Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    Wrong pretty bad guide. Just because you're a mod doesnt mean you should make guides.
    Actually, it's a pretty GOOD guide on healing in general. I've played a healer on many MMOs for MANY years and the guide rings true ;)
  • ladykatalialadykatalia Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    You'd think it's a common known fact.... at least to be prepared and bring pots.... but believe me you will facepalm at the amount of people that don't go into instances with potions or food.[/COLOR][/FONT]

    Even better, when you have a party that doesn't work together and goes three different directions. As a healer you spend all your time running around trying to heal, catch flack for not being range at the right moment, and then after burning all your mana they run off without while you try to food up and get more.

    Its really nice when they repay your efforts as such with a PK.....


    Yup I have played Priest a time or three....
  • Thrashz - Storm LegionThrashz - Storm Legion Posts: 495 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    T;Frozen holy necro batman
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  • Idolon - Storm LegionIdolon - Storm Legion Posts: 294 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    Arise my necro!T;Shocked

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  • mekadorimux3mekadorimux3 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Being is support class is common sense but since most ppl lack it ,well if you do don't be a healer stick to easy class like Assassin. Only thing true is that yes keep MP potions in bag, atleast 5 stacks and 2 stacks HP potions. This post about healing 101 needs redone.
  • kur0yuk1h1mekur0yuk1h1me Posts: 1 New User
    I get the sense that this guide was written before Wardens were a major class. Often this class gets overlooked in its abilities, however you should always verify your Warden's class before making an assumption that they are a tank or DPS. I personally have 2 Wardens, and I love the class for healing.
    Mooneater- DPS/Single Attacks -RED RUNES
    Sunray- Tank/AOE/Defense and light heals (5-6 K AOE per second on average)- YELLOW RUNES
    Astromancy- Healer- BLUE RUNES
    I have one Astro and one Sunray.
    Sunray is actually decent with DPS, but never to the same level you will see with Mooneater. Sunray has 4 damage absorption skills that are a great support to any other healer, but should never be used as the only healer in a party setting, except at lower levels (such as BRC and MRC)
    Astromancy is my favorite, though unless you have the resources to build both masteries to max, is not going to be much help with attacking. Astro is the only Warden that can AOE heal MP (30% of max in 30 seconds when talent opened/maxed).
    From personal experience, how you build your healer, or any toon, for that matter, deeply impacts their effectiveness.
    Factors include: talent path, runes/soul power skills, masteries, wing charge nodes, gear, gem embedding, Relic, Horseshoe, Anima, Awakening,and sometimes titles/fashion
    For Wardens, choose your gear carefully- all Warden gear has two options, one that increases PVE Intensity (attack) and attack, and another that increases PVE Tenacity (defense) and heal effect. If you choose Mooneater and healing gear you will be at a disadvantage. If you choose dual talents (using both paths) you will need 2 sets of gear to switch between or one talent will be ineffective. I learned this the hard way with my Sunray, who is a dual Astro but has no gear to boost heals. Not something you want to discover in a party!
    To get the gear attributes you want, pay attention to gems and if needed, re-ID or reforge at the blacksmith. You will need trade gold to do so, be aware. And of course, refining makes your gear better.
    If you are a tank or healer, I recommend choosing Light Awakening, as this enhances support skills. If you go Mooneater, choose Dark as this will enhance damage and attack.
    I haven't played around much with Dyos vs Nyos, so I can't personally offer advice- mine are both Dyos. Check what skill you want and make the decision that way.
    Oddity- In general you would consider light mastery to be the key in healing, however with Wardens, light increases attack and dark increases heals BUT only put points in dark mastery if you are a healer OR have maxed your light mastery. Astro has several talent skills that increase heals based on dark mastery, such as Darklord's Offspring (a passive skill that you must personally activate in each area). This factor is not calculated in your Heals Increased by Gear (HE) number. With Dark Mastery around 850, HE 3200 and maxed talent skills you will run about 35K HP heals per second (it's a percentage) using your main AOE heal, which has a 3 second cooldown. Fairly decent for most instances and parties. Since Astro can recover their own (and the party's MP), you will find you rarely use MP pots, though for more difficult raids (Hero Mode, etc) you will need some back up HP pots.
    The one disadvantage to Warden heals is that they are relatively short range. Party members must be pretty close for your heals to work on them. Reposition yourself as needed to cover everyone. Astro has 3 damage absorption spells as well, but the cooldowns require careful timing and also have a limited range.
    If you want to only heal, set your PVP Settings to Select target only and your bot range to stationary. I almost always do this because of the 5 attack skills you will have, 3 are AOE and it's hard to focus on healing when mobs are attacking you.
    Hope that offers a little insight into the Healer/Wardens.
  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 698 Perfect World Employee
    According to the original post, the guide was written in 2010 ... so yes, it was written well before Warden was released ^_^;
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