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Runemakers Please

harmoni99harmoni99 Posts: 10 Arc User
When can we expect Runemakers for the Dragoon please?


  • unitiuniti Posts: 41 Arc User
    It seems the Dragoon has been here long enough for FW to give us Runemakers for them...... when can we expect to see them? TY
  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 376 Arc User
  • zyrrah42zyrrah42 Posts: 57 Arc User
    Doesn't really seem like you answered this question? Timetable please? On this day 05/05/19 there still are no runemakers for Dragoons in the Cash Shop, nor anywhere else i looked.
  • zyrrah42zyrrah42 Posts: 57 Arc User
    The Dragoon has been here for a few weeks now, we need runemakers for them please.
  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 376 Arc User
    @anole300#5837 The New Class also Needs a Good Push. We need Orb of Legends for a REASONABLE price in boutique with a good combo of promos (charge and spend), in-game economy is deplorable. Orb of Legends at a Good price will give Gold, Soul leaves, Runepacks 4-5, Jewlery mats, etc. And then A good Orb, for example Orb Of Dragons, but without a Good Price, it makes no sense again.
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