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Valentine Event "Guide"

ichdummichdumm Posts: 231 Arc User
edited February 2018 in Game Forums
Hi All,

what we found out by now:

1x Male + 1x Female needed (who did not expect that ;) )

Both get the Quest from NPC.

Male had to do a REAL HARD JOB (!). Move behing e.G. Henry and grab the questitem or search a bit around. There are more places to found.
Female had simply KILL A MOB ( Yeah Baby) XD
Those are not all the time available. As stated in the other threat DYOS got the at 10:00 in the morning AND after 10:15 they are gone.
So be fast killing them. ONE is enough any AoE is a bit unfair against others ;) Spawning around Henry + Auctionhouse + Fountain.

Update: Mobs respawn cooldown is 6h. Dyos respawn at 16:00.

After both got the item, half of a heart, Female trade to Male, Male rightclick his one and parts are building a HEART.
But now some real TRIKY THINGS. Both Parts had a descrition / sentence. BOTH setence / description must be FIT TO EACH OTHER.

E.G. Female got something with MOON (in sentence) Male had to be had SUN. So SUN + MOON can be merged and build the Heart.

This Heart is being given by Male to the NPC. First Rewards are coming back. Rewards contain a Scroll (violett one) that should be startet like a questroll. This now create the HEART for the Female player. Trade over and Female became his Rewards.

But here it did not End at all. Quest is be changing for both Chars. Female had to look for a FLOWER and Male for a LEAF.

Here this short guide end now. Had to explore the rest first ;)

Thx 2all that help <3
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