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Rankings broken on Illyfue

The rankings are not being updated daily on Illyfue.


  • tintacicustintacicus Posts: 12 Arc User
    how about we make a list of things that actually still work? xD

    but yeah, it's another problem, so please do something about it
  • anasilva991anasilva991 Posts: 754 Arc User
    @anole300#5837 There is 2 really important issues that can affect gameplay on Illyfue right now:

    1- GvG rewards dont work, so guilds are unable to obtain the extra reserve rewards, for now most guilds have around 500-1000d reserve which is enough for 1-2 years without bidding for gvg, but ofc ppl will bid for gvg so i will say around 100-200 days till we see the low tier guilds suffering with this, that should be on your top priority of your engineer and devs, forget arena this is really important and it will have major consequences plz restore illyfue database as it should be and forget about server merges that arent properly handled anytime soon.

    2- Rankings not updating properly on Illyfue again can cause instability again, the last incident killed 40% of Illyfue, do you plan to allow this to happen a 2nd time? ppl loosing items without refund for your lack of comprehension towards the issue? also i know the server is in EU and sometimes communications dont reach in time cause we are dealing with at least 3 timezones very further away from each other, which can make all the protocol over stuff that requires license stuff complicated.

    xGIOx Illyfue aegis/elemental warrior - NewOrder
  • dakota79dakota79 Posts: 9 Arc User
    Why dont monitoring the game on weekends?really....things broke on weekends most the time,and no 1 see that from staff and ofc we need to wait 2-3 days till we get something reaction,its pathetic...ohh and btw can i get back my gold what i spent to hrd,cuz unless if im not on ranklist...thx
  • tintacicustintacicus Posts: 12 Arc User
    Rankings havent been updated for a week, please fix asap, ty
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