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First time buyers pack promotion

Does anyone know how this works? I got this email from FW.

"To show our appreciation, please accept this gift bundle, perfect for heroes that are just getting started with their adventure! In the bundle you'll find a Markhor Combat Mount, Crimson Drake flying mount, loyal Woolly pet, 10 Envoy Spirits, Bag Extensions, Bank Extensions, and much more!
Please allow up to 48 hours for the delivery of items to the qualifying character.

It really is vague. Do I receive another email with a code? Or does it just show up in my mail?



  • sailyonerasailyonera Posts: 39 Arc User
    It will show up in your in-game mail :)
    Tamakuo ~ lv108 Glacial Priest ~ Lionheart
  • pachrielpachriel Posts: 4 Arc User
    I just got the mail. Unfortunately, it was sent to a character I did not want it to go to. I guess I need to contact support to see if they can send it to the correct character.
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