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Basic Soul Catching

xxkaenxxxxkaenxx Posts: 6 Arc User
Not sure if y'all are already aware of this or not, but figured I'd make a post about it just in case. The Guide quest for Rachael that teaches you about pets and capturing them doesn't give the Basic Soul Catching skill or even your first pet. Me and my friend did it a couple days ago and go nothing. I was an Elf Archer and he was a Human Warrior. I've done the quest many times before so I know how it works. You pick up your guide quest that takes you to Rachael, talk to her, and your Pet menu will pop open with a beginner pet now in your bag. However, in our case, the menu popped open but no pet was in our bag, nor were we given our Soul Catching skill.


  • xxkaenxxxxkaenxx Posts: 6 Arc User
    Never mind. I see it's tied to a main quest now. I thought it was always tied to a Guide quest. Being Lv80+ without being able to capture pets was painful...
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