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Exordium Bug Report Megathread



  • christywhittekerchristywhitteker Posts: 6 Arc User
    I also cant create an archer cause the class isnt there...
  • fwnikompizelifwnikompizeli Posts: 3 Arc User
    There are a couple drops from orbs, that come as bound although it's nowhere stated that they drop as bound. I am wondering if it's a bug or not.



    Especially for the Heels, they come as bound, when all the other fashion pieces come as unbound. I mean it is not normal to drop a female fashion item on a male char as bound, doesnt make any sense...
    And about the Divine Blood, in the description it says "unbound" but come as bound... Any decent explenation to that?

  • brah5brah5 Posts: 1 Arc User
    One of my characters is experiencing an error every time I open the astroplane system or gain astral energy which makes him unable to interact with the constellation stars despite being lv22 on the overall level.
    Already ticketed and tested if it's a client issue reinstalling/verifying and logging on a different computer to no avail. Other characters are fine. Anyone else encountered this?
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