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NiteShade Guild

Guild Name: NiteShade
Guild Leader:BigGondormans
Guild Type: Family Oriented and Helpful to being a awesome Guild w outstanding members for rift Raids n such
Description:Base almost Maxed out we r helpful drama free and take RL into consideration and family oriented willing to help those that want rift raids n such
Where to apply: Lionheart server apply to guild or WC and an officer will bring you in if onn
Requirements to join: Be Active respectful willing to help and enjoy the game keep your contribution going up not staginate
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  • goldbrixeligoldbrixeli Posts: 18 Arc User
    Hello I used to be in Lionheart back in the day.
    Part of the galactic guild.
    How's the population in this server?
  • LH is one of the more active servers. people in WC all the time and alot of guilds are strong and helpful
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