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Trade Runs

olddingoolddingo Posts: 13 Arc User
Is any thing being done about Trade Runs not working???


  • docjohndocjohn Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Trade runs seem to work fine for me i think you need to clear H.ells Road depth room 10 to make the runs
  • meadowcatmeadowcat Posts: 7 Arc User
    Surely that can't be intentional. When your guild base is in maintenance, you get a message saying do a Trade Run. It's beyond irritating to find that you can't actually do that with no explanation of why. When you find it's because none of your characters have got into the Depths, it means you can't actually help your guild with your raft of lowbies. It also means you're wasting your time leveling up merchant, but then FW nuked the profitability of most professions a long time ago.
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 693 Arc User
    Oh, it IS intentional. When Exordium comes, you will have to beat Hell Road Depths room 30 instead to do guild trade runs
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