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About Parry and Repositle Title (urgent)

genoneilgenoneil Posts: 40 Arc User
I am on storm server as XGenMarieX and i just spent 18Diamonds on the title that suppose to give 3% Crit Damage but when u have the title it says Crit Chance but when you equip the title None of those Stats even change. So PLEASE FIX IT .


  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 2,978 Arc User
    edited July 2017
    not sure what youre smoking, ive used it on 2 chars and got the 3% crit damage both times. it takes a few seconds delay to show in the character screen. yes it is typo'd saying crit chance but it works just fine. stat titles add their bonus the moment you open the box, not whether or not you have it equipped. if you werent paying attention, the derp's on you.
  • botzlombebotzlombe Posts: 164 Arc User
    18D.. lmao way too much

  • jipa#5040 jipa Posts: 4 Arc User
    1. they do work as promised and give 3% crit dam. once they are obtained you need to equip them once and it will add to stats after a short delay. after that you can use any other title

    2. the only reason these titles are that overpriced is b/c suckers are willing to pay that much for them. unless you are completely done with ids and have at least crit dam on every piece of fashion (cc preferred) you have no business spending 18d on a paltry 3% crit dam
  • invarvarinvarvar Posts: 22 Arc User
    This title should give 3% crit chance and not 3% crit damage
  • freeyaafreeyaa Posts: 523 Arc User
    invarvar said:

    This title should give 3% crit chance and not 3% crit damage

    No. That's just a typo.
    <mean, grumpy b!sh>
    Lycanella - Dyos
    Char deleted: 09/04/2017
  • buenosi#8678 buenosi Posts: 1 New User
    > @invarvar said:
    > This title should give 3% crit chance and not 3% crit damage

    go cs a dirty boxing title if you want 3% cc
  • invarvarinvarvar Posts: 22 Arc User
    1. Support answered me that this title should give СС.
    2. As for the titles that give the same attributes - there are such titles
  • majkel33majkel33 Posts: 61 Arc User
    18D :D 2D on Nyos ;)
  • king#2462 king Posts: 1 New User
    edited July 2017
    Ok i wasnt gonna post but i see things that people havent picked up on and havent relized i guess since this game was released.
    1. OP the title gives 3 cd not 3 cc
    2. Telling the OP they spent to much on something they wanted is down right rude.
    3. Its along the lines of saying your in a bike store that sells a one of a kind bike but you look at the price and step back and say, "omg what a rip off." Now a few moments later a person comes along and buys that same bike right in front of you. Now would you approach this lady in the parking lot and say, "hey you got ripped off! You could have Bought that same bike on Pluto (Tytan) for a fraction of the cost or on Neptune (Nyos) for a slightly higher price the Pluto. I'm sorry that person is gonna look at you think bad things about you and leave.
    Yes it maybe cheaper on nyos and tytan but people on storm just cant hop there and buy stuff.(so its the same as trying to go to another planet, not gonna happen) So it comes down to what the seller and user agrees on in this case if it was directly bought from the player.
    If from Vend or AH the seller sets the price and no one tells you to buy anything or twists your arm. you "choose" to buy stuff that way.
    Just be happy there are cser's that are willing to cs and get you an item you wouldnt of had if they didnt.

    theres a Pet for 135D in AH on storm atm is that overpriced? (that was my suggestion to take a buisness class)

    you all have fun now (insert tiger smiley here)
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 2,978 Arc User
    edited July 2017
    support literally has no idea how their games work.

    but if you wanna go by what the box says just take a look at the nether wing pack, surely that must really give whirlwind puppet and raptorex and some sg and all that other junk right? ;)
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