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AFKers in FF, time to teach the ungrateful a lesson

wolfenstormwolfenstorm Posts: 134 Arc User
Instead of just queuing into FF and afking due to how unbalanced the fighting system has been constructed, just stop going into the x-server and stop queuing for FF altogether.


  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    But you'll be surprised who hides behind those afkers...
  • wolfenstormwolfenstorm Posts: 134 Arc User
    I am guessing alts of the mains who are doing the actual fighting.

  • jostermanjosterman Posts: 14 Arc User
    The amount of AFK in FF is ****. My guess is the same as wolfenstorm's.
    Ozmann - Lionheart
  • nikonistinikonisti Posts: 3 Arc User
    The "AFKers" are Dualing. The problem of the FF is that if you get a match or two in a working day, you HAVE TO Dual + AFK with one char at a time to get the daily points. Don't blame the players if the game is slowly dying.
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