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Patch Notes v.723

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Forsaken World: Homecoming Patch Notes
Returning Maps
1. Dusk Town
- For players level 95 and above
- Talk to the Vengeance Promoter to gain entry
- Players may accept relative quests from Dragos.
- Complete quests to earn EXP, Commander Coat of Arms, which can be exchanged for Reputation and Soul Coins
- When reaching Rank 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 on Twilight Refuge Reputation, you will be rewarded.
2. Sanctuary
- For players level 95 and above
- Talk to the Vengeance Promoter to gain entry
- Players may accept the quest "Sanctuary Retake" from Antinoa. (she is at the starting point)
- Completing the sanctuary quests 4 times will enable you to summon a Sanctuary Commander.
- Defeat the Sanctuary Commander to obtain EXP and Reputation rewards.
- The Commander can be soloed
3. Kalaires Plain
- Must complete the Vengeance! Freedom Harbor Instance before gaining access
- For players level 95 and above
- After completing the instance you may enter Freedom Harbor anytime by speaking with the Vengeance Promoter
- Once in Freedom Harbor, talk to NPC’s and complete quests to rebuild the city.
- When reaching rank 2,3,5, 7, and 9 on Freedom Harbor Honor Medal Reputation, you will be rewarded.
- Upon reaching rank 4 on Freedom Harbor Honor Medal Reputation, you will be able to exchange Freedom Blade, which can be used to upgrade a Rank 5 Hero Weapon.
Vengeance Modifications
1. The EXP reward from the quests of Eclipse Hollow, Sea of Oblivion, and Winter Heights have been reduced
2. Several overly-complicated quests have been simplified.
3. The level of the Bosses in Eclipse Hollow, Sea of Oblivion and Winter Heights is changed and their Health is lowered.

New Instances
1. Vengeance! Freedom Harbor
- This instance requires 6-12 players
- Can be completed for EXP and Reputation once per day
- When you complete Vengeance! Freedom Harbor, you can be teleported to Freedom Harbor at Vengeance Promoter.
2. The Dusk Melee
- Level 95 players are able to participate by speaking with Gill Silenttown at The Sanctuary: Docks
- This raid requires at least 12 players
- Can be completed for Arcane Crystal Shard, Divine Blood, Spellbound Sandgrit which can be traded at Arwen Starlight for Legendary Rewqards
3. Falling Day
- Single player Instance
- Only available to players who have completed the upgrading of Earthless Earth.
New Cross-Server Battlefield
1. Ancient Ruins
a) When you have enough Battlefield Points, at Quartermaster Avari you can exchange them for Lv90 Charms and Upgrading Item for Lv95 Charms.
Obtain Lv90 Charms
Able to upgrade to Lv95 Charms
b) Players are required to solo-queue the battlefield
When the battle starts, there are two methods to gain points for your team:
1) Capturing and maintaining the altars
2) Transferring the crystal in the center of the battlefield to one of your captured altar
The team that happens to gain 3000 points first will achieve victory

New Cross-Server Battlefield Modifications
a) Frostgate Fjord will be available from 00:20 Server Time to 23:59 Server Time Every Day
The available time of Heart of Ice and Fire has been adjusted to the following: Wednesday and Saturday
The available time of Ancient Ruins has been adjusted to the following: Monday, Thursday, and Sunday
The battlefields will become available at 12:00 - 12:30 and 18:00 - 23:50 on their assigned days.
b) Battlefield Reputation and Battlefield Reward have been adjusted:
The former Battlefield Points has been renamed to Battlefield Points (Old)
all of your current points and the relevant item exchanges will remain unchanged for now
A new Reputation, "Battlefield Points" has been added
The reward yielded from all battlefields has been changed:
They are now yielding Battlefield Points instead of Battlefield Points (Old)
The daily cap of obtainable Battlefield Points has been increased.
In addition, the item exchanges of Battlefield Points (Old) might be removed in later patches.
c) New battlefield accessories and upgrade items have been added to Avari the Quartermaster
The new accessories are level 95.

Raid Modifications
1. 6 players are required to enter the Raid Instances where Hero Rank 3 gears are dropped. And all dropped gears double. Players can exchange 120 Dedication for Templar Warrior Potion which will grant players great attributes bonus.
2. Dedication for Guild: Dysil's Crux (Red and Green Dragon) is changed to 1. Orange Gears drops are canceled and Warlord Coin drop is added.
3. Dedication for Temple of Disaster (Normal and Heroic), Elemental Spire (Normal and Heroic) is changed to 2. Champion Contribution is replaced by War God Points. Orange Gears drops are canceled and Warlord Coin drop is added.
4. Players with Freedom Harbor Honor Medal Lv9 can receive Twilight Heart. It can be used to upgrade Hero 5 weapons again to get bonus attributes and improve PVE Intensity.
Daily Event Modifications
1. Gods' Trial 2 is now open Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
2. Evernight Island is now open on Tuesday and Thursday.
3. The Light and Dark monster killing quest has been canceled.
4. Players who have got Light or Dark skills can get Reputation by completing Hero's Fate Challenge and Battlefield dedication quests.
5. In Summon Hermit (Single) quest, monster killing reward is increases by 200 EXP.
6. Dedication rewards for Vengeance BOSS, Warding Seal and Beggar's Saving have been canceled.

New Features
1. Ante Garden
- Players who have joined a guild can enter Ante Garden.
- In the garden, you can decorate the Ante Tree by planting and arranging flowers

2. Relic Spirit Combining
- There are 2 types of combining available: Relic Spirit Combination and Advanced Relic Spirit Combination
- Speak with Heart of Miracle in Judgement Square to use this service

3. Divine Wings
- Divine Wings can be infused with Gems to increase its level. When your Divine Wings has enough level and Chroma, you can activate its bonus attributes.
a) When Chroma reaches 100, you can activate an entry of attribute from levels 1-7
b) When Chroma reaches 200, you can activate an entry of attribute from levels 8-17
c) When Chroma reaches 280, you can activate an entry of attribute from levels 18-32
d) When Chroma reaches 420, you can activate an entry of attribute from levels 33-50
- When your Divine Wings reaches level 33, you can fly. The higher its level is, the faster your flight speed will be.

4. Road of Awakening
- Child of Light and Child of Darkness will grant you a new and powerful spell book that contains the all new Awakening Skills you need to learn!
- Rose Queen is now able to change your Awakening faction, for a price.

5. New Era: Renaissance
- When reaching Age of Renaissance, Apprentice level will be upgraded to Lv60-94.
- After reaching Age of Renaissance, the items in Run Boy Run, Dimensional Battlefield reward, Fort Khoaway and Ancient Invasion will be unbound after completing Hell Road Lv60.
- Only after completing Hell Road Lv60, players can get Guild Benefit Coupon and Guild Trade Run.

6. Hell Road Assistants
- Raisin the Assistant of Rose Princess will appear in Level 50 after you complete Hell Road Level 50 to record your Acclaim. The first 50 levels Acclaim of this week will replace the recorded Acclaim. The requirement to receive quest: your best result in Hell Road Depths is not lower than The 10th Round and you haven't entered Hell Road Depths this week.
- Another Assistant of Rose Princess will wait for you in Lv1 of Hell Road Depths to record your Acclaim. After you complete the quest, the recorded Acclaim will replace the first 50 levels Acclaim. Dedication of the first 50 levels and 1 Khnum's Collection will be granted. And the first 50 levels won't be completed again. No Mastery, Resistances and Starlight will be granted. The requirement to receive quest: you have not entered the Hell Road this week.

7. New Heavenly Soulforce Trinkets
- Speak with Alliya in Freedom Harbor to accept the quest.
- The upgrade item provided by the quest can only be used on a Blue Trinket or a fully upgraded Purple Trinket. Blue Trinkets can be obtained from Faction Reputation Agents, and Purple Trinkets can be obtained from VIP or Basic Random Challenge.

Class Balance Changes
1. Assassin:
a) Blade of Sorrow: Speed Reduction is canceled.
b) Shadowbreak: All damage is reduced and Agony Orb is increased upon being hit.
c) Sneak: Increase Evasion by 33.

2. Bard:
a) The bug that Light Mark in Light Reverie fails is eliminated.
b) Chorus of Fantasy: Dark: The duration of Movement: Fantasy is increased by 3 seconds.
a) Light Sonata: Increase Base Attack by 60%.
b) Chord of Wind: Increase Base Attack by 15%.
c) Chord of Water: Increase Base Attack by 15%.
d) Undine's Elegy: When Aura exists, Bard will be hypnotized upon being attacked.
e) Divine Nature Energy 55 Points: After being activated, the chance for every point to dispel is increased by 1% and base dispelling chance is increased by 10%.
f) Devil Nature Energy 55 Points: 6 seconds Cooldown is removed.
g) Divine Nature Energy 35 points: Duration of Angel's Song is changed to 45 sec.
h) Devil Nature Energy 35 points: Duration of Song of Nyos is changed to 45 sec.
i) Wisdom Energy 100 Points: Bonus effect of Divine Light Minuet is increased by 50%.
j) Light Bard-Solo of Light: Base Cooldown is reduced by 2 sec.
k) Dark Awakening-Praise: Mana is reduced by 0.4%.

3. Mage
a) Grimore of Trinity: Base Cooldown: 380 sec. The Cooldown is reduced by 40 at each level. After Magic Explosion is learnt, its Cooldown can be reset by Grimore of Trinity.
a) Thunderclap: Knock Back effect is removed.
b) Fire Mage-Flame of Fury: Cast time is changed to 1 sec.
c) Lightning Mage-Thor's Protect /Thor's Power: After this skill is learnt, Flash Step can ignore controlling effects. In 3/6 sec. (Kindred 2/4/6 sec.) after Flash Step is cast, increase Move Speed by 100%.

4. Marksman
a) Fire At Will: Base Attack is increased by 50%.
b) Salvo: Base Attack is increased by 50% and Cooldown is reduced to 3 sec.
c) Precision Marksman-Swift Soul Trap: Attack is increased by 10% instead of 2%.
d) Precision Marksman-Solid Shot: Attack is increased by 10% instead of 2%.
e) Precision Marksman-Target Practice: Reduce target's Base Defense by 1%. Stacks 5 times.
f) Precision Marksman-Aimed Shot: Remove bleeding effects.
g) Precision Marksman-Brute Force: Increase Base Attack by 2.5%.
h) Wisdom Energy 35 Points: Reduce Cast Time of Extreme Sniping by 40%.
i) Fervor Energy 80 Points: When reaching 80 points, the efficacy will be lost instead of Rage Burst coming into effect when reaching 100 points.

5. Priest
a) Wisdom Energy 100 Points: Add an effect: Purging Light to dispel a negative effect.

6. Protector
a) Gale Faith: Cooldown is changed to 90 sec.
b) Protection of Strength: Defense bonus is changed to increasing teammate's Base Attack by 4%.
a) Diamond Protector-Crushing Attack: Base Attack damage is increased by 15%.

7. Reaper
a) Light Awakening-Strangle: Recover Base Health by 15% and Max Health is recovered by 5%.
b) Shadowbind Talent-Corrupting Seizing: Tha bug that reducing Healing effect doesn't take effect is eliminated.
c) Devil Fervor Energy 70 Points: Blood Mail deals reflecting damage which is 70% of Reaper's Max Attack. Every point increases it by 0.5%.
d) The additional damage of Sickle Assault will now be affected by target's defense
e) Aoe-pull effects are now sharing a 20 seconds protection time.

8. Tormentor
a) Painful Torture: Base Duration is changed from 7 sec to 9 sec.
b) Buster Talent-Radiation: The Success Rate to remove cooldown of Magma Touch is 15%.
c) Buster Talent-Cursed Seed: Accelerate Duration is changed from 7 sec to 9 sec.

9. Vampire
a) Blood Kiss: 2500 damage will be absorbed at every level. Blood Thirst will increase absorbed damage. Cast time is reduced to 1 second and Speed Reduction is reduced to 30%.
b) Vampire: Attack bonus is changed from Max Attack+10% to Base Attack +40%.
c) Blood Vampire: Blood Wave: The Mastery that is increased for the target by Dark Contract and Invigoration is changed from 80/160 to 100/200, and Duration is changed to 10 sec.
d) Blood Vampire: Bloodline Link: Attack bonus is changed to increasing Base Defense by 15/30/45/60%.
e) Blood Vampire: Bloodlust Gene: Crit Chance bonus is changed to increasing Crit Dodge.
f) Inferno Vampire: Flame Attack: Stun effect caused by Flame Attack won't be affected for 8 seconds.
g) Inferno Vampire: Inferno Bat: During 60 seconds after being cast, Gale Wings will ignore and dispel all controlling effects.
h) Dark Vampire: Power of Vampire: Increase Base Attack by 12% instead of increasing Attack by 3%.
i) Dark Vampire: Strength: Cooldown of Bloodrite is reduced by 10/20 seconds and when starting it, you have 50%/100% chance to remove all controlling effects.
j) Dark Vampire: Bloodline Clot: In Vampire shape, all controlling effects will be removed.

10. Warrior
a) Elemental Warrior: Frenzy of War: Upon being attacked, Base Attack is increased by 3%.
b) Cooldown of Heart of the Sentinel is changed to 60 seconds. And Base Attack is increased by 5%.
a) Bloodlust Warrior-Crimson Arc: Base Attack damage is increased by 15%.

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