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Soul Leaves

tythan#8017 tythan Posts: 13 Arc User
Do not know if other players think the same, but we need a better boutique for the soul leaves to give it better use than the one that is already given


  • ediraedira Posts: 479 Arc User
    I'd like to get runes/adv. runes for soul leaves. :smile: ​​
    Server: Dyos - Kindred Fire Mage
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  • willemholwillemhol Posts: 20 Arc User
    fazotron said:

    I agreed with you. Many players have a lot of soul leaves but nothing to buy for them. Chinese servers have a lot of items to buy =( But I dont think that admins will add something usefull =(

    Wether its Chinese servers or US or Europe servers.. all should be the same. What can we get for soulleafs? Star crystals and useless fashion... 99% of all servers got 12/12 gear so why would we waste soulleafs on star crystals when we dont need it anymore..

    They should add some thing better we can get with soulleafs. Perhaps 1 orb a month which we normally buy with leafs and for 1 month we able to get it with soulleafs?
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