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90 wisdom blood vamp hidden bonuses

i rarely see any blood vamps about so i took to the forums. do any of you have 90 wisdom and know if there are any hidden bonuses. there is nothing mentioned which we get at 90 wisdom but many classes and builds get hidden bonuses at 90 energy like inferno vamp getting increased duration on inferno bat at 90 fervour so if you do know please let me know.


  • jramsdenjramsden Posts: 21 Arc User
    get 90 and let the world know
  • underworldfiendunderworldfiend Posts: 48 Arc User
    i got it but i cant find out what it does XD
  • jramsdenjramsden Posts: 21 Arc User
    nothing under any of your skills? might not do anything extra which is kind of boring
  • netdanetda Posts: 2 Arc User
    I have 90 and there is no hidden bonuses

    Mfg Zendyra
  • driesustersdriesusters Posts: 10 Arc User
    yeah I have 84, there's no point in going further than 65, besides lengthening the blood rite immunity
  • jramsdenjramsden Posts: 21 Arc User
    Why announce you have 84 when the question was about 90?

    Seeing as infernos get a 25% increase to batform duration at 90 energy and theres no mention of it in the rune energy skills.
  • snooplion45snooplion45 Posts: 12 Arc User
    I also have 84, and 90 doesnt matter
  • camel1111camel1111 Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    might as well say you have 5 you a n u s
  • xbrandonx#0934 xbrandonx Posts: 5 Arc User
    just like some classes in game your big bonus in Blood is the 450 defense incrase from your bloodmourner at 80. going to 85 is the most useful for cast times and if nyos 85=8.5% crit heal my BV has 85 but i know a BV with 100 energy and he didnt get anything at 90.
  • neo1uihneo1uih Posts: 2 Arc User
    Can anyone tell me if there are and hidden rune skills for Nature?
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