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Patch Notes: Vengeance 8/13/15

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
Patch Notes - Forsaken World: Vengence

New Event- Vengence
Vengence has begun! Fight with the Lionheart Champions in Eclipse Hollow and Sea of Oblivion and take back the lands of Eyrda
- Players enter Eclipse Hollow and fight the Storm Legion Lieutenant of the captured Area.
- Recaptured land will be guarded by NPC's who give out quests when the Storm Legion assault occurs.
- Completing the quests multiple times will cause the Storm Chief to appear. Upon defeating the chief, players will receive a reward.
- Once enough lands in Eclipse Hollow have been reclaimed, the Sea of Oblivion will become unlocked.
- Players can complete quests to receive EXP, Soul Power, and Reputation

Cross Server Event - Dimensional Wars
Every Sunday players will have a chance to fight other players in the cross server. Final rewards will be based on capture points of the players home server. Rewards include Diestone, Seraphic Flux, Light Dragon Scale, Fusion Agents, Elemental Gears, and Holy Stone Fragments.
Queue for this event at Sage Disciple Peter in the Twilight Square of Nightfall Citadel

New PvP Event - Lost City
Dark Wizards have opened a new dimension and named it "Lost City".
In Lost City the goal is to collect Soul Casket and Deadly Fog Essence.
You can obtain these items via solo entry, party entry, or Killing other players in PvP and stealing theirs.
Queue for this event through Marquesta in Nightfall Citadel
*PvP Portions of this quest are not applicable on PvE servers.

New God: Conqeorer
- Conqueror reputation is built by completing Advanced Random Instances, which varies depending on completion time.
- When Conqueror Reputation is 5000, 5 more Treasure Chests will be granted in nightly bonus rewards.
- The characters whose Conqueror Reputation ranks highest in the weekly ranking, and has reached Level 11, will be the herald for Conquoeror Caesar the next week.
- Each week the Conqueror Caesar can leave the Temple of Faith and grant warriors 1 day hero cards.

New Group Instance - Molten Inferno
- Level 90 with a group of 12-18 players go to the Apelio War Monument to find Fareen and enter the instance.
- Instance can be completed once per week, normal and Advanced modes will be available.
- Rewards include Soul Power, Dedication, Level 4 Champion Gear, and Flame Crystals

Arena Season 3
- 3v3 and 6v6 score of all players are reset to 1000
- Arena Points will are reset to 0
- The score of the 2nd arena season will be recorded as Last Season's Score
- NPC's now sell Arena Season 3 Gear

New System Diestones
- Similar to the Fusion Gem System, however rather than Diestones augmenting resistances like the Fusion Gems, Diestones augment your masteries granting you more power!
- Diestone recipes can be learned with Alchemy Level 5
- Recipes are sold by Fusion Gem Alchemist Whitney in Twilight Citadel
- Ancient Warrior's Soul is required to craft diestones, which can be obtained in Dimensional Wars and Lost City
- To use Diestone players must be Level 85

Class Balance Changes

1. Warrior:
  a)Sacrifice - The max Attack that is transferred from Health is greatly boosted.

 2. Protector:
  a)Crusta Skin is immune to negative effects when it is active.

 3. Assassin:
  a)Casting time of Secret Art - Agony changes to 0.5second.
  b)Casting time of Secret Art - Blast changes to 0.5second.

 4. Marksman:
  a)Basic Attack of Burning Swirl is increased to 150%.

 5. Mage:
  a)Basic Attack of Streak of Lightning is increased to 150%.
  b)Basic Attack of Nature's Fury is increased to 120%.
  c)Defense of Nature's Fury is increased to 300/480/660.
  d)Ice Barrier can grant the characters immunity to and help expel the bleed State.

6. Priest:
  a)Punishing Removal can expel all beneficial statuses.

7. Vampire:
  a)Basic Attack of Evil Flame is increased to 150%.

 8. Bard:
  a)Basic Attack of Concerto of Life is increased to 150%.
  b)As for Inspire, each Movement:Infuriate increases target's Basic Attack by 2%/4%/6%/8% and Poet's Basic Attack by 3%/6%/9%/12%.
  c)The duration of Soul of Music's buff effects increases to 20seconds, Cevery stack of notes increases Basic Attack to15%, Devery stack of notes increases Movement Speed to 15%.

9. Reaper:
  a)Original attack range of Sickle Assault is 10meters.
b)Healing Effect reduced of Corrupting Seizure increased to 60%.

10, Tormentor:
  a)Basic Attack Damage of Painful Torture is reduced from 100% to 80%.
  b)The range of Ignition is increased from 8meters to 10meters.
  c)The increased Basic Attack by Demon's Gift is 30%, and reduced base Attack is 50%.
  d)Price of Power increases 20% Crit Chance instead of 100% Basic Attack.
  e)Abusive Intention is in conflict with Price of Power and Cooldown of it is 300 seconds.
  f)Cooldown of Spiritual Reckoning is 180 seconds.
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