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Eido Bug Tactical Solutions

So, we have identified the bug. We have established that it could be a while for a fix, if ever. So, let's establish new tactics to deal with it, so we can restart the daily takedowns. There have been some side comments in other threads regarding possible new tactics, but nothing solidified, so I wanted to make a thread dedicated to just that. No whining about broken stuff, how "hard" it is, or begging the devs for some fix, now, just solutions based on the current situation. Once a strategy is established and tested, it can be added to the stickied Cosmic/Eido threads.

I'll start. I still like the triple-stunner tactic. Three CCers, one assigned to each globe, labeled as "left", "middle", and "right." I see no reason that most CCers cannot handle the division of labor this way. If someone accidentally gets out of place, the other CC can just quickly swap. It would be even better if the CCs form a regular Team (in addition to TeamUp, of course) that way if one needed to quickly select another, the F2, F3, F4 team selection option can be used (which cannot be used in TeamUp). It also gives them the ability to easily speak amongst themselves, if needed, without cluttering up the Zone/Local chat.

That way, DPS and Tanker can just focus Eddy for every red spawn. If the reds are pumping damage, a healer could be assigned to help keep the CCers up. Put that healer in the CC Team, too. This is the only area of real weakness that I see.

Now, I do understand that, if other orbs/portals spawn while the Reds are up, that could cause a problem with splash damage. Therefore, we need to establish a "No AOEs on orbs/portals" policy. Yes, I know there will be some mistakes, but with the guardian CCers standing by, they can minimize the damage. Sure, some healing on Eddie might leak through sometimes, but still, I think we can keep it down small enough that we can continue to do fairly fast runs. And, as everyone gets more and more experience doing the new Edd, the mistake rate will drop off.

Yes, having 3 CCers instead of 1 will potentially lower the total DPS, but most CCers have other benefits, in addition to holds. Auras, buffs, debuffs, extra heals are all going to help contribute to overall DPS success. It may not make up for it totally, but considering some of the speed runs we used to do, even if it takes a bit longer, it will still be pretty fast.

I will go ahead and say that any strategy that requires mass adoption of changing tactics mid-fight is likely to be problematic. Lots of people do not read Zone or Local. Even for those who do, if there is much chatter, it could obscure directions. Even if everyone sees it, there will always be a few second delay for the leader to recognize which situation it is, calling out instructions, and everyone responding appropriately to those instructions. I designed this strategy to reduce the need for that time delay. In my strategy, the tactic for Reds stays the same, no matter what happens.

That is just a rough to start with. Make suggestions and changes and let's get this party (re)started!

- - - - -
Used to be coach on the forums. Still @coach in game.


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