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BLR Blacklist

double0sietedouble0siete Posts: 479,724 Arc User
edited May 14 in The Dropship
Most of the BLR population is upstanding citizens, but there are bad apples out there. If you find yourself playing against someone you think might be hacking, take a deep breath, count to ten and respawn -- but if you keep seeing them pull off impossible stunts, and you think they might be hacking, the good folks at BLR Blacklist can help you figure it out.

First off, they can help you learn to differentiate between skilled play and the signs of hacking. Derps has put together an excellent guide to what most hackers use: wallhacks, no-spread, target-snapping, etc. Derps lays out example scenarios, and examples of when it might be just raw skill.

Second, they know the best way to get evidence. In order for us at PWE to act, we need to be sure beyond reasonable doubt. That means that when you send in proof, we need clear video, tags of what times we should be looking at, etc. Derps' guide also has info on how to get good proof.

Third, they're one of the groups whose reports get taken extra-seriously. BLR Blacklist has a strong process for verifying reports of hacking. If you're very confident in your evidence, please ticket in to Customer Support and let them know.

If you want to build a stronger case, though, the BLR Blacklist is perfect, because the admins there are some of the best players. If anyone can instantly tell the difference between skill and a hack, it's them. You can submit evidence here.

Thanks everyone for your help with this. We're committed to making Blacklight a fair playing field.


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  • dcthingy2dcthingy2 Posts: 207 Community Moderator
    Updated links for 2016.

    Please also note that the Blacklist is the place for all discussions related to hacking; such discussions are prohibited on the Arc forums. Thanks! :)
  • dcthingy2dcthingy2 Posts: 207 Community Moderator
    The Blacklist is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted evidence and participated in the community over the years!

    (removing sticky, letting this thread die)
  • adam222adam222 Posts: 174 Arc User
    @dcthingy2 so no way to report cheaters BLR is dead?
  • dcthingy2dcthingy2 Posts: 207 Community Moderator
    Alas, there is no longer a viable route for reporting hackers. The game is not dead, but it has no official support.

    That said, I will continue to play until the bitter end.
  • askmrraskmrr Posts: 5 Arc User
    Aita, you did good job with BLR Blacklist. That was a good run and thank you for that.
    See ya around.
    ASKmrR | EU
    Nodes were better than parity
  • victimhuntervictimhunter Posts: 158 Arc User
    dcthingy2 said:

    Alas, there is no longer a viable route for reporting hackers. The game is not dead, but it has no official support.

    That said, I will continue to play until the bitter end.

    So now this game will die in pain of being infested with spoiled twats who just use mods to gain advantage, great Job HSL, great job.
  • gunmoddergunmodder Posts: 97 Arc User
    The last community moderator i see here sometimes is throwing the towel. RIP BLR
  • xenowolf20xenowolf20 Posts: 796 Arc User
    Hopefully there be good nude hax. Honestly, that's all this game needs for a revival.
  • omni7nascentomni7nascent Posts: 19 Arc User
    Is there anyone here who will actually kick someone? There's this kid Prisoner123 who is aimbotting/wallhacks it's pretty obvious, i'll get video if need be.
  • I often votekick obvious hackers but sadly, there isn't any cooperation with other players anymore...
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