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What would you want back or new in BLR? (Just asking)

endruns858endruns858 Posts: 6 Arc User

And also
Difficulty options for OnSlaught


  • tgehydralisktgehydralisk Posts: 175 Arc User
    Huh, I thought OS already had difficulty options from easy - hard. The three options had varying health modifiers, enemies, as well as how quickly you could earn GP. Can't remember at this point..
  • stalecurdlestalecurdle Posts: 519 Arc User
    OS difficulty settings were removed during parity. Pretty sure the 4 levels were easy, normal, hard, and hardcore. AFAIK difficulty only affected horde hp, weakness (headshot only for hardcore), and ammo drop probability. Harder difficulties didn't spawn more zombies, increase GP earnings, or change medal drop odds, they only changed factors involving bullets. Then again, it's quite possible I'm remembering this all wrong myself, it's also been ages since I last played.

    Difficulties would be nice, but I'd prefer the ability to play OS solo instead.

    According to HSL, in reference to why no Siege: "Siege is a fun game mode that we would like to better support. In the latest version of the game it has not been thoroughly tested, as it is not on PS4. Additionally, Siege is a game mode that does not work in a peer to peer environment that has host migration. Thus, for the sake of parity, for now we are not going to offer any Siege game mode until we have time to either redo it or make it work across all platforms."

    Don't buy HSL sales job that if you build a good Siege map they'll add it back in; they don't have a map designer employed to add it, assuming they could even manage to figure out how to make the steam workshop jive with the game. Best game mode is gone, never to return to BLR.

    It's nearly all I ever played, and Lord knows I don't deserve nice things. B)
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    Twitter confirms HSL and PWE are the donkeys
  • loboram6loboram6 Posts: 8 Arc User
    More players would be useful if this is ever going to get a comeback
  • hairyeyeballshairyeyeballs Posts: 1 New User
    please for the love of everything holy, bring back Siege and Netwar gamemodes. those were matches that actually took teamwork and skill.
  • yujirohammayujirohamma Posts: 37 Arc User
    I cannot be the only one that misses PURE METRO
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