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Legacy and going forward

ryumakotoryumakoto Posts: 1 Arc User
Guys. I'm not gonna lie, i'm really saddened by the fact that the game is pretty much done with. Spent a good amount of time on it in it's heyday.
However. There is a possibility for some further action. I'm talking about game preservation efforts - stripping any payment code and releasing game client+server in free access, including either sources or modapi (probably with custom server configuration).
I know that this is not exactly profitable but hey, it will be cheaper if people will run it on their own master servers, granted current state of playerbase.
You are a relatively small company, there is no need to outright murder a product, just because it has a specific architecture, both EA and Activision are guilty of that (activision so much so that it actively seeks and destroys all custom clients for older CoD games), I hope you can steer in other direction and aid everyone to preserve this game.
p.s. IP protection secured same way as ID software did it with doom sources. Hardlock non-commercial license with header acknowledging copyrights of company.


  • xenowolf20xenowolf20 Posts: 805 Arc User
    Honestly, all we need is an official nude patch and this game will stir up all the right controversy it needs.
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