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State of BL:R - How Did It Get Like This?

semitone512semitone512 Posts: 9 Arc User
I will immediately say that the death of this game is one part (50%) the entire BL:R Community and one part HSL/ Zombie (50%).
The reason I say this is because we wished and pleaded for an update that brought us up-to-date with what PS4 was receiving in terms of weapons, maps, updates etc.. and that we hadn't had anything for quite some time. HSL Finally listened and released Parity, which initially was a fantastic step in "the right direction" towards "improving" the game, but soon realized it was nothing more than a half-assed PS4 to PC port; all of the signs are there. IMO, porting BL:R and dedicating all of their dev. team to a PS4 Port was a waste of time and a mistake.

The community held the dev. team up to some pretty high standards with talks of new balancing, maps, updates to fix and improve optimization, but there comes a certain point that you can only do so much at any given time. With that being said, it then comes to HSL for essentially ignoring at any point any comments we have or not giving us any information at all. According to Michael on Twitter, HSL is working on a "New project", but at this point I could care less, considering the lack of response. I thought initially that the BL:R Community SDK was going to be a fantastic way for vets and newer players to create new maps and share ideas, but that is completely useless unless the development team actually sees and implements the projects people have submitted. People immediately recognized nothing was being looked at and stopped. Hell, the talks of bringing back siege and other maps would have been neat.

I remember Domino saying something along the lines of recoil being damn near taken out because "Its more intuitive". Not when the game is based around customization to where each part is unique towards stats. Every gun is a laser now, even the high-damage TAR builds. Then again, we screamed for updates and got pissy when our needs weren't met right away.

This is a small, half-assed rant.

IG: Insignia-17
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